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Hokies, Georgia Tech, Miami, Florida State Lose: ACC Suffers Disaster Weekend

One of the the talking points for the coming season was how the ACC was getting better. Yeah, no, looks like I was wrong about that.

Virginia Tech lost to James Madison. Yes, that same James Madison team Maryland beat last year in overtime.

Georgia Tech lost to Kansas, a team that just lost to North Dakota State 6-3.

Miami went into Columbus to play Ohio State and looked listless and entirely without their trademark swag.

And Florida State, which was supposed to be "back", was beaten badly by Oklahoma in Norman.

Those are four "name" losses that will attract the media. And with that, the ACC might just leapfrog the Big East for the "worst conference title."

Maryland beating Morgan State can only do so much. The ACC had their shot at one, maybe two, trademark victories; they came up with zero, one upset loss, and one massive upset loss. Just about the only bright spots so far have been an N.C. State win over Central Florida and Virginia sticking with USC into the second quarter (that will only last so long).

Not a good weekend, to say the least. And it certainly does nothing to help out the ACC's reputation, which was already lackluster. Guess Maryland will have to come to the rescue next week with a win over West Virginia.