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Maryland Minute 9.10.10 - Terps Soccer Ties #5 Boston College, 1-1

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Men's Soccer Ties #5 Boston College, 1-1
In Chestnut Hill, that's not a bad outcome. In fact, it's a pretty good one. Crazy game, went into double OT.

Maryland's defense is starting to come around under coordinator Don Brown - WaPo
A mostly positive piece, but Prisbell actually has a point here:

If Dobbs had sneaked the ball across the goal line, the defense would have been criticized for allowing 485 yards, just 57 fewer than the Terrapins surrendered in their season-opening 52-13 loss at California in 2009, and for failing once again to close out a game. Instead, the hit is viewed as an example of how the Maryland defense has begun to take the next step in its evolution under second-year coordinator Brown, who employs a blitz-heavy, aggressive scheme that he deems "organized chaos."

Don't misunderstand, the defense made a huge stop, it's still one play that decided the attitude.

Terps' Friedgen concerned about local visitor -
He's just posturing, I'm fairly sure. And wow, I didn't know Morgan State lost 41-0 to Akron last year.

Ha HA: Tennessee Penalized...Hard
That's what you get for taking Tobias.

Wake's Tony Woods charged with 3 accounts of assault - The Dagger
Big loss for a team that, led by Bzedelik, wasn't very imposing to start.

Joe Smith Still Around, Signs With the Nets
Wow, he's been in the NBA for forever. 15-year veteran.