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Maryland Minute - 09.09.10 - On the Eve of Morgan State

What's the only thing better than beating Navy? Getting to watch more Terps football only 5 days later! Thanks to everyone who chimed in via comments on yesterday's MM regarding the chants/profanity at the Maryland-Navy game. Glad to see so many of you shared my view on the subject. Now, onto today's MM...

For Terps, 3-man rotation possible - Washington Post
More on the possible 3-qb rotation.

Morgan State's Brewer once had interest from Maryland - Baltimore Sun
Some intrigue for the Morgan State game...

Ferrara likely out against Morgan State -
Well, at least I'm pretty confident this one won't be decided by a field goal. -BB

My take - of all the games for him to miss, this isn't a bad we have Heisman hopeful MVP Travis Baltz to do the FG kicking for us!

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup - Matt Bracken -
You know the drill.

Odds of Space to Arkansas "Promising"
If Space goes to Arky, we'll be looking at a grand total of one "backup" target: Greg Lewis. -BB

Navy tries to forget loss to Terps -
Navy trying to get over their loss to the Terps.