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Maryland Minute 8.9.10 - On the Eve of Fall Practice

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Terps' Franklin plans on return to winning ways - Sun
How does he plan to do that? By confirming what we've already guessed at, a three-fold plan of making the offensive lineman leaner and quicker, making the team faster all around, and using faster QBs. Basically, dude likes speed.

The interesting thing is that he seems to be taking a very aggressive approach, which is good: if he's going to be coach, the transition needs to be seamless.

Five position battles to watch during Maryland's camp -
An overview of important position battles during Maryland's fall camp.

Adjehi Baru is Awesome...Boom-esque Personality
A few quotes, because the video can be tough to watch:

Reporter: What about N.C. State? They recruiting you?

Baru: [silent] I don't want to break your feelings.


Reporter: Any teams you like, any teams been recruiting you?

Baru: No.

Reporter: Not the Terps? What about the Terps?

Baru: Terps? I don't...what are the Terps?

Reporter: Maryland, University of Maryland. You don't know what the Terps are Baru?

Baru: [sighs] Man, everyone talks about Maryland. In my hotel room last night ... [audio trails off]

The interview gets pretty good after the first minute or so. Worth the watch. The college stuff was interesting, but the guy's got an awesome personality. Oh, and I found this worth mentioning:

Sources close to the situation beleive Baru is down to the following schools; UNC, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Virginia, VCU, Alabama, Charlotte, Xavier and College of Charleston. Baru is on the cusp of earning a McDonalds' All American nod. 

Justin Anderson: Staying at Montrose, Talked With Gary
Pretty good day for Anderson and Terp fans.

Had a long but great day spoke to my headmaster at montrose, I'm def. Goin back there, went upto UM great talk with the coach!

Anderson really should be priority #1A for 2012. He's not the type of guy that'll carry a team by himself, but you pair him with a legitimate scorer (ie, Faust) on the wing and a post presence (ie, Jordan Williams), and he'll absolutely wreak havoc. Plus, he'll be ready from day one.

Being at Montrose can only be good too: Vetter owes us one.

Debbie Yow Pushing to Avoid Improper Agent Contact

Yow told the Raleigh News & Observer she intends to send letters to every agent registered in North Carolina to warn them that NC State will take legal action if they break any laws while recruiting the university's athletes.

So....C.J. Leslie and Ryan Harrow. Who else really needs protection there?

Aquille Carr Video - ScoutsFocus
Worth mentioning; he says Kentucky and Memphis has offered; didn't mention Maryland. Dude's ridiculously quick. Not sure he's entirely truthful about those offers, but it's time for Bino to do some Baltimore work. Plus, he's basically guaranteed to be at least a three, maybe four year player.