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Maryland Minute 8.8.10 - Nick Faust Finds Rhythm on Final Day of Nike Global Challenge

He deserves to smile. Also, unseen below where the photo cuts off: a shooter sleeve. Awesome.
He deserves to smile. Also, unseen below where the photo cuts off: a shooter sleeve. Awesome.

Nick Faust, Dorian Finney-Smith Triumph Over Jabari Brown
Hopefully Faust and DFS like playing together. Faust was feeling it for the first time since the tournament began and dropped 16 points on 6-11 shooting (4-6 from 3). DFS was very efficient: 12 points, 7 boards, 4-6 shooting, 2-3 from deep. Workmanlike. Oh, and Jabari Brown wasn't bad; the 21 points were good, but 8-23? Yikes.

Positive Twitter Reports on Faust: "Summer of Nick Faust Rolls On"
The tweet linked above:

Summer of Nick Faust rolls on. 25 footers, check. No look passes, check. Dunking on defenders, check. Another day, no problem.

And Joel Francisco was complementary as well.

Nick Faust and Gary Bell Jr. played very well for their respective teams. Faust showed multi-skilled game.

Cory Jackson Trying Out With Chiefs
Great story, you have to love Cory. He was a rock as a fullback and just never got the credit he deserved. Hopefully he can find a way on the team.

Still on the Justin Anderson Bandwagon: New Ridiculous Mixtape
He's gotta be one of the top 2012 targets. A legit wing that's a rich man's Deron Washington. Ridiculous intensity, athleticism, swagger and awesome defender. Definitely take that. Plus that wink at the end is pure gold.

Scariest Headline Ever: Sterling Gibbs Changes Mind...About Team USA
I'm a Maryland fan, and as a Maryland fan, I immediately assume the worst. I definitely did when I saw a headline that said "USA Captain changes mind" and see a picture of Sterling Gibbs.

Don't worry, though, he's just changing his mind about being disappointed about having to play in the Youth Olympic Games instead of the U-17 World Championship.

The 1.85m-tall teenager's winning performances - he was ranked the tournament's top player - paved the way for his country's qualification for last month's Fiba U-17 World Championship, in which they thrashed Poland in the final. Therefore, it came as a shock when he was omitted from the final 12-man squad for the world championships and chosen to play in the YOG instead.


But YOG boys' head coach Eric Flannery begged to differ. As part of the selection committee which chose Sterling, he had decided then that the University of Maryland- bound student would make an ideal captain for the YOG team.

There are some other solid players on the YOG team - Angleo Chol and Brandan Kearney, for example - but the most important thing is that he's the captain. With him, Pe', and potentiall Stogs, the Terps will have plenty of leadership figures.

How Bad is Maryland's Offense? Only Army Has Been Worse - D1scourse
But I thought Ralph Friedgen was an offensive genius.

Rivals: Maryland to Finish Last, Ralph on Hot Seat
Disagree, and duh.

Maryland Gridiron Network: 2010 Terps Freshman Class Checks In
Just a slideshow of the freshmen coming to CP, but still good for a few minutes. David Mackall looks like an absolute monster, even in plain clothes, and of course was wearing the coolest shirt there. Darius Kilgo was supposed to be huge, but it looks like he's slimmed down a little. And Tyler Smith looks like a QB. Official Preseason Football Outlook - Special Teams
Special teams should be Maryland's strength this year, so this will probably be the happiest of the previews. The only thing I found interesting:

Junior Tony Logan will get first crack as the No. 1 punt returner. The shifty Logan was injured early last season, so the punt return unit took a while to get going. He did set up the winning score against Clemson with a 43-yard return.

I really liked Logan against Clemson, but he was up-and-down after that, and was never the sole guy. I wonder if he can claim the spot for good this year.

How the Memphis Grizzlies Measure Up: More on Vasquez - HoopsWorld
Apparently the situation with Vasquez is "unusual" and Law will be vying for a backup spot with Vaz.

Deuce Bello, Rodney Purvis Impress at Adidas Nations
Neither will end up at Maryland, but as they're being recruited I'll keep an eye out:

Rodney Purvis is another young guy playing on the 2011 team. His playing time was limited, but his speed sure wasn't. It's a toss-up between he and Deuce Bello for fastest guy from one end to the other. ... Speaking of Bello, he didn't have huge numbers but was impressive. He's very good in pick and roll and is turning into a bigtime defender. ...

Florida State dismisses receiver Jarmon Fortson
Fortson was expected to be a starter; that'll hurt the 'Noles.