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Maryland Minute 8.6.10 - Navy's and Maryland's ADs Receptive to Starting Rivalry...Sorta

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Navy's AD Ready to Play Maryland More Often, Randy Eaton Not So Sure
He agrees that Maryland and Navy should start playing more often.

"I said 'Hey, Randy, let's do it at least every other year or so?'" Gladchuk said. "I don't know if he can make that decision or not, but I'd be willing to do it every other year at a minimum and see if we can get a little bit more regularity to the rivalry."

Eaton doesn't seem quite as sold.

"It's not a bad idea. Don't know if it's a great idea," Eaton said of an every-year engagement "I don't know if it has the sizzle of a West Virginia-Maryland or a Navy-Army because of the way the factions are, but I think it's a great in-state. Do I think it needs to be every year necessarily? People might wear on it and it might get old."

That's a possibility, I suppose, but I'd be willing to give it a shot. Then again, with Texas and Notre Dame on the horizon, plus West Virginia, we're already pretty stacked.

Coaches Poll Released, Terps Nowhere in Sight; Navy with 12 Votes

On the good side, there were 5 ACC teams in there - the same number of teams of the Big Ten and one fewer than the Big East. Blew the Pac-10 and Big East out of the water.

Rakeem Christmas Commits to Syracuse, Takes Mikael Hopkins Spot
In other words, the frontrunner for Hopkins is now more than likely off the board. Maybe Georgetown is now the team to beat, but Maryland just got a lot better odds.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup - LaQuinton Ross Didn't List Maryland
We know players can forget to list teams and all, but it's still not a good sign.

Ross shared a house with six teammates, getting a feel for what lies ahead when he enrolls in college a year from now. Ross said Monday his top five schools "in no order" are Syracuse, West Virginia, Ohio State, Baylor and Mississippi State.

 Like I've said before, there was one time when Tobias Harris forgot to list Maryland. Until I see a story on Ross officially cutting his list, you never know what the context of this quote was.

Maurice Harkless Stands Out at NYC Summer Classic
Oh, did he really need another awesome performance?

Harkless can get to the basket and finish in all type of ways. The lanky rising senior has good ball-handling skills and can score off the dribble either by finishing at the basket or through his polished mid-range jumper; not that he can’t knock it down off the catch as well. Maurice is very slick in the lane and uses his athleticism to the best of his advantage.

Mike Taylor, formerly known as Lance Stevenson's nemesis, and Jermaine Sanders are the two other Terp targets that got mentioned. Taylor seems like a sleeper and a killer.

Jerry Meyer: Rodney Purvis Might Be the Best Scorer Regardless of Class
And he's only a 2013.

And perhaps the best scorer regardless of class comes out of the 2013 class. Rodney Purvis is simply a nightmare to defend. He shoots with range, is physical and explosive off the bounce and has great body control at the rim. The King City Classic was missing a lot of top prospects in the country this year. Nonetheless, Purvis was far and away the top scorer at that event.

Look, I know that he's almost certainly going to end up at 1) Kentucky, 2) UNC, or 3) Duke, and in that order, but it's unusual for Maryland to offer someone at this young of an age. Heck, they didn't even do it with Aquille Carr. So until he becomes laughably unattainable, I'll post links.

Also, Nick Faust was one of his biggest risers.

Nick Faust has steadily risen up the charts during the travel season. Now he is regarded as one of the top shooting guards in the country.

Join the Party: Miami Being Investigated
It doesn't specify whether or not this is football or basketball, and it seems to be pretty minor, but I gotta wonder two things: will the NCAA look at Maryland, and if they don't, how many other ACC teams will be investigated? Who knows, maybe the Terps get out of this the only ACC team alive. Maybe then they'd make a bowl.

Still on the Justin Anderson Bandwagon: New Ridiculous Mixtape
He's gotta be one of the top 2012 targets. A legit wing that's a rich man's Deron Washington. Ridiculous intensity, athleticism, swagger and awesome defender. Definitely take that. Plus that wink at the end is pure gold.