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Maryland Minute - 08.03.10 - Lots of Nick Faust News

I would be happy if Nick ended up a Terp.
I would be happy if Nick ended up a Terp.

Pretty brief MM today. This will be my last post for a little bit, as I'm off to get married/go on my Honeymoon, but as you all know, you're in good hands with Ben and Ben. But I'll be back at the end of August. Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer and start getting ready for Maryland Football!

Faust "just getting to know Kansas"
With Selby, Kansas has a Baltimore connection. Hopefully it doesn't work.

More importantly though, this quote seems surprising:

"Not considering anyone yet," said Faust about what schools he’s strongly considering. "I’m still wide open," he added.


"Probably after the whole summer," said Faust about when he will narrow his list. "Early January or February of next year," he added about when he hopes to make his college decision.

Faust struck me as a guy that would announce in November or December. Oh, and the Louisville visit on the 4th is confirmed. -BB

Faust Will Take an Official Visit to Louisville
Looville doesn't really scare me that much here. They're not a Baltimore presence and, besides, already have an elite SG in Wayne Blackshear and a very good SF in Ryan Taylor. I can't imagine Faust would join in that log-jam. -BB

Nick Faust and Jabari Brown Paired Together in Nike Global Challenge
Start dreaming and salivating, even though it won't happen. The two are paired together on the West/South team, which is basically the "we kind of ran out of teams and just created one geographically unconnected team for leftovers." It includes players from Chicago, Oakland, Georgia, Baltimore, Mississippi, and Ohio.

Anyway, having three elite SGs on the same team - Brown, Faust, and Nick Johnson - will be an interesting dynamic. I'm interested to see which of the Terp targets comes out as top dog. -BB

Two Terps Named to USMNT Roster for Brazil Friendly
Maurice Edu and Clarence Goodson made the team. Omar Gonzalez is painfully absent. -BB