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Maryland Minute - 08.30.10 - Less than a Week Till Kickoff

Well I'm back. Hope you all had a nice August. We're less than a week from MD-Navy to kick off the Terps' 2010 football season. I'm starting to get excited. Pretty short MM today...hopefully things will start to pick up as we get closer to Monday...

Heather Dinich Loves Maryland, Pt. I
The Terps are her surprise team of the ACC:

The Terps have enough talent to rebound from their abysmal 2-10 season – particularly at running back and wide receiver, but they’ll have to improve up front on both sides and will be under the direction of first-year starting quarterback Jamarr Robinson.

Heather Dinich Loves Maryland, Pt. II
MD goes to a bowl, but Friedgen isn't retained, she says. That's an interesting possibility, and certainly has its attractive qualities. -BB

That will be an interesting situation for the new AD to deal with...

Question of the day: Which college football coach is most on the hot seat this season? | The Fabulous Forum | Los Angeles Times
Guess who the first coach is? Yup, Fridge.

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap – Terps target Baru taking time
Apparently MD and VT are the two recruiting Adjehi Baru the hardest.

Maryland Athletics - Official University of Maryland Browser
Want to have a Terps-themed web browser? Your dreams have been answered.