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Maryland Minute 8.29.10 - Maryland Targets Brown, O'Bryant in Elite 24 Game

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Alien strikes again. via <a href=""></a>
Alien strikes again. via

Slooooooow weekend. Small MM.

Elite 24: Brown, O'Bryant Semi-Impressive
When Brown is feeling it, he's fire. O'Bryant hustles like no one else and can actually handle a little; his strengths definitely lie in rebounding and his close offensive game.

Pe'Shon Howard Recruiting Johnny O'Bryant
That'd be good.

Sittin wit my bro @hoopordie11 talkin bout maryland yo show him love n follow him so he will be a terp

Pe'Shon was actually at the game, so he had a great chance to do some recruiting for MD with JOB, and hopefully Brown too.

Good Counsel Beats St. Xavier in Nationally Televised Game
Maybe not a big deal for some, but Good Counsel was on TV today against St. Xavier, a nationally-ranked team from Cincinnati. GC is going to be a tough team to beat in the WCAC this year; Stefon Diggs, the junior (2012) DB, is extraordinarily good. If whoever the new coach is for Maryland next year wants to make a statement in the recruiting game, Diggs is the one to get.

Vincent Croce, who's going to UVA, looked really good and will be a tough matchup ever year. Blake Countess was rather average, but he had his moments, especially in coverage.

Terps' comeback better be a big one - Baltimore Sun
Peter Schmuck says the painfully obvious:

In other words, there had better be a comeback or the Friedgen era might soon be over.

Thanks for coming in today, Peter.

Hey-Bey Starts "Dare to Dream" Initiative
As far as initiatives go, it's pretty tame - 30 local middle schoolers will get to go to UMD home games - and extraordinarily misleading considering the name and the reward, but at least he's getting involved with the program and the community. Can't hate on that.

Debbie Yow's got game -

My impression of Yow was very positive. She's known as a top administrator and an outstanding coach's coach. She's open and candid, addressing challenges frankly, but she also has a droll sense of humor.

Outstanding coach's coach, eh? Gary Williams may disagree.