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Reluctant Rivals Maryland, Navy to Play for Crab Bowl Trophy

Maryland and Navy are still debating the merits of playing every other year or so and perhaps becoming actual rivals, but if it ever comes through, the Touchdown Club of Annapolis has the trophy at the ready. No, really: the Touchdown Club of Annapolis has created a trophy for the classic/burgeoning Maryland-Navy rivalry, which is apparently to be named the Crab Bowl.

The winner of the game every year will receive the Crab Bowl Trophy, a mahogany trophy topped with a pewter bowl overflowing with pewter crabs. At the base of the trophy, the results of the twenty previous Maryland-Navy games are engraved; for the record, that goes back to 1905 (shows how little they play, I guess) and includes only six Terrapin victories.

I suppose the guys from Wedding Crashers would be proud, or at least that one guy, seeing how it almost combines the two things "Maryland does". And having it awarded by a third party instead of having a trophy dreamed up by the administrations at each school to create a more "rivalry-y" feel makes it more legitimate and less cheesy, in a way.

Then again, with next to no history surrounding the trophy and the rivalry as a whole, the Crab Bowl Trophy will do little more than take up a space in a trophy case or on a mantle. I guess that's better than nothing, but some enterprising undergrads need to undertake some debauchery and at least make the trophy have a cool backstory. Get to debaucherizin'.