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Maryland Minute 8.27.10 - The Juan Dixon Comeback Bid Begins

Juan Dixon looking to make NBA comeback with Cleveland - ProBasketballTalk
Don't call it a comeback. No, really, don't, it's not that big of a deal yet. However, this could set up Juan to come back and coach Maryland as an assistant again, simply because he's back in the game on the American side. Who wouldn't want that? (Okay, so maybe not. But it's storybook, right?)

Jeremiah Johnson, Desmond Kearse Could Play
Matt Robinson, Titus Till, Ian Evans, and Max Garcia were all mentioned. I thought Kearse could see playing time in situational positions, especially with less depth at LB, but Johnson's a big surprise.

Learning more about Antwan Space: Q&A with Blue Zertuche of - The Slipper Still Fits
An interview with the extremely Antwan Space-knowledgeable analyst, the amazingly-named Blue Zertuche. It's from the Gonzaga SBN blog, which should remind that some schools are to us what we are to Kansas. Real talk.

Recruiting Report: Maryland Leads for 2013 Wing Warren Powers, Jr.
At least he's not a 2012; that class is too crowded. He's supposedly another one of the "next" out of Baltimore.

"Maryland, Xavier, South Florida, Virginia Tech and George Mason," Powers said. "Maryland’s my favorite."

Terrapins Insider - Kicker Ferrara sidelined with groin pull
Ferrara has a groin pull, which probably shouldn't keep him out too long, but even if it does then Baltz is back there and can kick.

Elite 24 Day 2 Recap Mixtape
Only a few highlights from Jabari Brown and J.O.B. O'Bryant does show his power/athleticism combo a tad.