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Maryland Releases New Depth Chart, LaQuan Williams Jumps Ronnie Tyler

Until today, Maryland's depth chart was one big mysterious question mark, relatively speaking; they hadn't released a new depth chart in two weeks, and it was obviously dated. But there's a new release today over at the official site, though it's not exactly exciting. (h/t D1scourse)

The biggest news of the updated chart: redshirt senior LaQuan Williams has passed Ronnie Tyler as the #1 WR-F. That's very surprising, and not a great sign for the future of the position, either. Williams is a bit of a Maryland folk hero thanks to that catch against Rutgers his freshman year, but has been up-and-down ever since. Tyler had supposedly been doing pretty well, so that's a big surprise. We'll see how long it holds up.

Other than that, not a lot happened. Justin Lewis was bumped up to full-time starter over Bennett Fulper at LG, which is a little disappointing for Fulper, who was the first OL to start his first game as a true freshman under Friedgen, but encouraging for Lewis, who also happens to be a rapper. Dave Stinebaugh and Matt Furstenburg are officially up as the starters at TE. Still no differentiation between Dexter McDougle and Trenton Hughes at the #2 corner spot, either.

In fact, past Williams leaping Tyler, the most interesting development is probably D.J. Adams falling back to fourth-string RB. Adams was thought to be a potential wild card for the running backs this year, but that doesn't seem likely as the third guy off the bench. He'll still probably see carries around the goal-line, but expecting more may be unrealistic, assuming this is right.

And...well, that's it. Bask in the glory of weekly depth chart updates, everyone.