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Well, Well: Maryland Apparently Back on Jabari Brown's List

Sorry for the massive unflattering picture. via <a href=""></a>
Sorry for the massive unflattering picture. via

Basketball recruiting is a fickle beast, and surprises happen daily. Still, didn't expect to see this one on the radar:

I spoke today to his father, David, who confirmed that Jabari's list of schools includes Cal, Washington, Oregon, St. John's, Georgia Tech, UConn and DePaul.

But David Brown added there are at least two other schools - Maryland and Miami - that have joined the picture.

Maryland has scheduled a home visit, as have Washington, Oregon, DePaul and Georgia Tech, according to David Brown. He said the family is trying to schedule a home visit with Cal coach Mike Montgomery on Sept. 28.

Thanks to CKP for holding it down. Brown, of course, had cut his list to seven only a few days ago after Maryland followed him around all summer, so it's more than a tad surprising to see Maryland back in the picture. Not only are they back in the picture, but they're also flying all the way out to Oakland to have an in-home visit.

My reaction: whoa. Maryland doesn't stand an amazing chance and probably never did, but this is extraordinarily good news. Faust was never a guarantee and even if he was, having both of them would give Maryland the best freshman backcourt tandem in the ACC. Or, y'know, just one would do me wonders, too.

One interesting thing is the phrasing: "joined the picture." That would imply that Maryland is a late-comer to Jabari's recruiting, which obviously isn't the case.

There are a few possibilities: 1) Jabari had his top seven and reported it to Scout, but pops really likes MD and Miami too so he backtracked, or Jabari forgot to list Maryland, and they're saving face (not critical, I'd do the same thing); 2) something entirely logical that we haven't thought of; 3) there aren't any quotes there, so it's really just the writer's phrasing and he just wrote it like that because it sounds cool, dammit; or, 4) Jabari cut Maryland, but the coaching staff isn't confident with Faust becoming a Terp and pushed for Jabari to reconsider, and he gave them one shot (the in-home) to convince him. Hey, it's a possibility.

Anyways, not long ago Jabari Brown was your most wanted recruit, and even days before he cut his list he was second only to a top 50 player thought to be an MD lean. Brown is a legit star and absurdly entertaining; he's generally regarded as just about the perfect wing, and his height (6-4 on a good day) and lack of PG skills will keep him in college for at least three seasons, unless he's way better than everyone thought.

Yes, Washington is almost certainly the leader. But we have a bit of a vendetta against the Huskies (Terrence Ross, anyone?) and, honestly, the rest of the list isn't imposing. Having an in-home visit means should indicate that both sides have serious interest and the coaching staff, which is spending a decent amount of money on a plane ticket, thinks they have a shot. Don't get your hopes up, but it's certainly interesting.