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Maryland Minute 8.25.10 - More Notes from Maryland's Second Scrimmage

Yesterday's Scrimmage Stats
Notable stuff: Scott had 10 carries for 73 yards, Robinson was 9-14 with one TD and one interception, Danny O'Brien was perhaps better with a 19-34 performance with one TD,and Dave Stinebaugh and Matt Furstenburg stepped up on the receiving end in the absence of Devonte Campbell, Will Yeatman, and Lansford Watson: 4 catches for 53 yards and 3 catches for 50 yards and a TD, respectively.

Terrapins Insider - Friedgen: We were 'sloppy as hell'

A slew of penalties nullified many of the big plays the offense produced. The penalties also disrupted the continuity of the scrimmage. Starting quarterback Jamarr Robinson completed 9 of 14 passes for 102 yards. But he also threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown by cornerback Dexter McDougle.

The Birddog Wonders if Maryland and Navy Should Play Every Year
Well worth the read. I say yes. He says no.

Other than fitting the geographic criteria, though, Navy and Maryland don’t exactly fit the in-state rival profile. Navy fans come from all over the country, spend four years in Annapolis, then go back out all over the world. This isn’t a situation where both teams’ fans pick a side at birth and spend a lifetime sparring with neighbors who chose the other side. Rivalries that don’t evolve out of that kind of grassroots origin are usually the product of the same kind of bad blood that got this series cancelled to begin with.

First off, Maryland-Navy seems to have a lot of rivalry potential. Guess what? Bad blood makes for awesome rivalries. Sure, it sometimes ends in problems, but heck, Army-Navy was cancelled for a few years, too. There's a big difference between Maryland's fans and Navy's fans, and in the players they recruit. That makes for good football.

He also touches on scheduling, and how scheduling Maryland would give them fewer open slots and another difficult opponent. I shouldn't comment, because I'm not in Navy's situation, but you're worried about having two difficult games and only six open slots? I know that other teams like Penn State and South Carolina are lined up to play Navy, but it seems a little...I don't know, strange to me. Maryland has an uphill battle at least four games every year and only four extra games to play with. Then again, the situations are different.

Alex Lee's recovery gets assist from Maryland soccer teammates - WaPo
Nice piece on men's soccer player Alex Lee, who had a horrific accident last October but is back on the field now. This is from Liz Clarke, the new MD beat writer for the Post, and if this is any indication we'll like what's on the horizon.

Field Hockey Picked #2 in Preseason Poll
Disrespect. Hughes Sets Official Visit Schedule
Thanks to the wonder of Google News excerpts, we can learn from this premium article that Hughes is visiting Maryland on Sept. 11, which is when the Terps play Morgan St. I'd rather have had him in for a more high-intensity atmosphere, but I guess this is the game with the best odds of winning.

ACC Preview: Five storylines to watch next season - The Dagger
None specifically relate to Maryland, but it's always good to get researching on the opposition.

Hey, Dane Randolph Is Playing In Canada
Remember Dane? Maryland's left tackle who was....well, mostly forgettable but at least was a part of an offensive line that went to a bowl game? No? Oh. Well, if you did, he's playing for the British Columbia Lions in the CFL, along with former TCU notable Casey Printers (ah, he was entertaining).