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Maryland Minute 8.24.10 - Notes From Maryland's Second Scrimmage

Long day and early night for me, so some links coming later today re: the scrimmage will be missed. Apologies.

A few quick hits from Maryland's second scrimmage -
Apparently there were quite a few penalties, none of which were exactly encouraging, but no injuries.

@Pete_Volk: Friedgen "Hints At" McDougle Leading for #2 CB
That'd be a surprise. McDougle had a 50-yard INT return today, FWIW.

Patrick Stevens: Zach Kerr Closing In On Vellano?
I don't really know if that's good or bad. Either Kerr's a lot better than we thought or Vellano's a lot worse.

Zach Kerr earns praise from both Ralph and Don Brown. Friedgen says he noticed Kerr much more than Joe Vellano today.

Terrapins Insider - Friedgen's biggest concern: kicker
MVP Kicker's struggling? That's just about heartbreaking for me.

During this training camp, he has gotten too many blocked and his technique may be off. "Still struggling," Friedgen said. "We just have to keep working on it. We are not kicking the ball too well right now." Friedgen talked to him but said Ferrara has so many people talking to him now that he just needs to focus.

Then again, if that really is the worst part of Maryland's team, the Terps shouldn't be that bad this year.

Recruiting Report: Quick update on City guard Nick Faust
Imposing list.

"Maryland, Kansas, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Florida State, Marquette, Oregon State, UMass, several other schools, also. It’s a big list," Faust said.

Alex Wujciak Cracks CFN's Top 100
And he's #33! Relevant numbering.

Redshirt freshman Travis Hawkins back at home at safety for Terps -
With Tate and Perez ahead of him, there's not a lot of room for Hawkins to shine in terms of starting. But I have a feeling he'll get his when he's in the game, and that should be plenty considering Don Brown's history of cycling DBs.

He has very good range. He may have the best range we’ve had since we’ve been here. He’s made some plays at free safety that I haven’t seen anybody make."

Lost Lettermen: Maryland at #90 in the Nation
One spot behind UVA, which is at #89.

Boost Mobile Elite 24: Rosters, Coaches
Relevant players: on the Raymond Lewis squad, Johnny O'Bryant, Deuce Bello. On the Marques Johns squad, Jabari Brown. Not exactly the "who's who" of Maryland recruiting that last year was.

BC Loses Starting Receiver for the Year
Colin Larmond is the Eagles' top receiver. Tough break.

Wake QB Ted Stachitas wins starting job - Dinich
Sylar Jones, the favorite at the start of practice, is apparently third on the depth chart now. Wow. Not sure which was better, but they're all unexperienced.