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Venezuelan Rap Group Tres Dueños Releases Greivis Vasquez Anthem

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Greivis' biggest fans. via <a href=""></a>
Greivis' biggest fans. via

Greivis Vasquez is awesome, and I'm pretty sure that's a fact we can all agree on. And he's always heavily repped his home country of Venezuela; even his brand new shoes are designed around his homeland, reading "Venezuela's Finest."

But I what I guess I never realized was just how much Venezuela loves him. I knew he was important back to everyone in Caracas, but seriously: Tres Dueños, a rap group based out of Venezuela's capital, Caracas, released a new song recently, dubbed "Let's Go Greivis." And yes, it's an (awesome and almost entirely Spanish) homage to the great Terp himself. Check it out (thanks to @KatzM for altering this to us on Twitter):



That's a whole hell of a lot of Spanish, but there is a little bit of English in there you should recognize. The chorus, for one: "Let's go, Greivis, let's go (shimmy shimmy)." The other English bit:

"NBA action / Greivis on a mission / the Memphis [inaudible] with the ultimate precision / you know he's got the skills RIGHT / and you know his game's TIGHT / rookie of the year / point-blank point guard aiming for the kill"

Normally I'd critique the rap, but why even bother? It's a million kinds of awesome, because it's about Greivis Vasquez.

For what it's worth, this is actually an updated version of their previous song, which I've heard before but can't seem to find now. They say it'll be available for download on their MySpace page, but the page is down right now and their old one lacks the song.

Oh, and this isn't the only Greivis Vasquez anthem out there, by the way. There was another one by Jose Lespier called "GV21 Latinos", and the entire song is basically one big ode to Greivis. Also, listen to this amazing call of the end of the Maryland-Duke game in Spanish, complete with radio static. Just found it. Nuts: