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Maryland Minute 8.19.10 - Football Injuries Continue; Under Armour Basketball Shoes Go Live

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The lack of Ben Pooler photos force me to use this today. You shouldn't be complaining anyway. via <a href=""></a>
The lack of Ben Pooler photos force me to use this today. You shouldn't be complaining anyway. via

Maryland linebacker Ben Pooler likely lost for season with knee injury -
Urgh. Pooler's likely out for the year with an ACL tear. That's the second of his career, which could be career-ending. Maryland's two-deep looks radically different with Pooler and Murray gone now. Depth is getting shaky; expect Bradley Johnson or Marcus Whitfield to move back to LB from DE or maybe Desmond Kearse to move down.

Lansford Watson Still Not Back, May Need Surgery
Which is why what's below is so important....

Will Yeatman Could be Back by WVU
Let's hope so, because everything else really isn't working out.

Wildest Dreams Come True: "Under Armour Micro G Basketball Collection, Available This November"
Everyone, preorder now!

At an exclusive media event in NYC, Under Armour, Inc. (NYSE:UA), a leading athletic performance brand, will debut the Company’s first-ever basketball footwear collection, which will be available at retail this November. Under Armour’s Basketball collection, featuring Micro G cushioning, consists of four distinct shoes, highlighted by the Micro G Black Ice, to be worn by NBA star Brandon Jennings this season.

Hallelujah! This is excellent for recruiting, and just awesome all around. Hopefully it indicates that UA is getting serious about basketball, and that can only be a good thing all around.

The Four UA Shoes
Also seen above. Those are actually pretty good looking. Not these, but still nice. Hopefully they come out with some low-tops, not a big high-top guy. I like how the last one has that unique silhouette and kind of levels off at the top instead of coming to a peak.

Jordan Haden Visted Maryland Today
No commitment yet, but back-to-back Haden/Coxson commitments would be pretty awesome, no doubt about it.

Evan Daniels: Antwan Space Helped His Stock This Summer
Space is a Maryland target and had an awesome summer. Piece coming about him and Bernard Sullivan early tomorrow.

Dime: You’ve travelled a lot this summer and you’ve seen some of the top talent in the nation. Who would you say are has had their stock rise the most this summer?
ED: Antwan Space out of Texas has really helped his stock. He is a guy that was unknown to many college coaches and now he is being recruited by a number of high-major colleges. He is at least a top 75 player.

How Does The MWC, BYU, WAC Soap Opera Affect The ACC? - BC Interruption
Short answer: not a lot. Long answer: if BYU stays in the MWC, then maybe we lose a little dough.

If the MWC becomes that seventh automatic qualifying conference, assuming the current BCS system remains as is, this would mean a drop in BCS revenue for the ACC. The BCS would give a much larger portion of the revenue to the MWC, thereby decreasing the ACC's take. This also would mean one less opportunity for the ACC to sneak a second team into college football's big money BCS bowl games. But then again, this has yet to happen. I guess we'll cross that bridge when the conference gets there.

Maryland Field Hockey Continues To Dominate
They play their first game Aug. 27. And yes, it'll probably be a disappointment if they don't go undefeated.

Grizzlies get trade offers for Xavier Henry
Because they won't/can't sign him. I imagine the same would happen if Greivis' agent doesn't give.

This is the first time the Grizzlies have attempted to attach performance to rookie bonuses. The team's 2009 first-round picks, Hasheem Thabeet and DeMarre Carroll, only had to agree to a workout program and summer league play to receive 120 percent of their respective rookie scale contracts.