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Florida Gator Transfers Coxson and Haden Options for Maryland?

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Maryland might be struggling on the recruiting trail right now, but there's more than one way to acquire talent. For instance, transfers. And those are looking might good right about now.

Last year, the Terps were heavily recruiting Baltimore star wide receiver Adrian Coxson, who was originally committed to Penn State before opening up his recruitment and choosing Florida. Maryland was always on the periphery somewhat, but remained in the action.

Well, Coxson is now transferring and has been given his release by Florida, for undisclosed reasons. It might be that the depth chart was too intimidating, or there could be personal reasons. All that we do know: according to the article linked above, he wants to be "closer to home."

Considering that the only major football school near Baltimore is Maryland and the Terps recruited him the first time around, you have to like MD's chances.

He would have to sit out one year because he's actually transferring, not just being released from his letter of intent, but that's okay because he hasn't used a redshirt freshman year anyway. He was a top 250 player on Rivals and the seventh-best player in the state. He was also a unanimous four-star, on all three services. With Maryland losing Adrian Cannon and potentially Torrey Smith this year, there will be playing time for a guy like Coxson early and often. He's an impact player for a team like Maryland in a few years, and, according to scouts, an improvement upon Maryland's only WR commitment last year, Tyrek Cheeseboro.

When combined with Nigel King and Marcus Leak, too, Maryland is looking at a hell of a future WR corps. Now, if they could just figure that QB thing out.

But wait, there's more. Another Gator from Maryland is transferring: safety Jordan Haden. Yes, that would be Joe Haden's little brother. Haden was a safety that also went to Maryland, and was in the same class as Coxson (that is, he's a true freshman this year). There's less reason for confidence here, because he never seriously considered Maryland the first time around, but there's still good news: he, like Coxson, wants to move closer to home.

Haden was even better than Coxson, at least in the rankings. He was the 12th safety in the nation last year, and the fourth best player in Maryland, per Rivals. He's extraordinarily athletic, and the combination of the level-headed Titus Till and the dynamic Haden would be an amazing secondary. It would also give Desmond Kearse the ability to play a more rover-esque position, keeping him out of coverage and allowing him to do more rushing the passer, which is his specialty. Or, if that doesn't work, Haden's size would allow him to move down to outside linebacker, and gives Maryland a lot of flexibility.

For what it's worth, Haden, like Coxson, would have to sit out a year, but still has his redshirt. Also, his brother, Josh, just transferred to Florida from Boston College. No one really knows what impact this could have on his status. While they aren't necessarily a package deal by any means, having another former four-star - this one a running back - could never hurt matters.

Even if Maryland can bring in the most talent in the world organically, I have no problem being the premier location for football transfers. If both Haden and Coxson want to get back home, there's no reason Maryland shouldn't be a major player in their re-recruitment, and potentially a front-runner for both. It would radically improve a class that lost its star, Javarie Johnson, but was still pretty good already.

Oh, and this one isn't as likely but is still worth passing along: Tate Forcier, Michigan's QB last year, may also be transferring. Maryland could use a star, proven QB, and they recruited him the first time around. About as longshot as it gets, but figured I'd mention it.