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ACC Blogger Preseason Poll Released, Maryland's Last Place There Too

The ACC media poll is traditionally North Carolina-centric and generally on the inaccurate side. Mostly, that's because football is just plain ol' hard to predict, but having an alternative is always nice, right? Well, that's what we have now: our boy furrer4heisman at Gobbler Country went to the trouble to compile an ACC blogger preseason poll, with one vote per team (per blog).

Obviously, it's more balanced (if, probably, a tad more biased) than the traditional poll, though probably won't be a whole lot more accurate. Still, it's cool and fun. The biggest difference? Boston College moved from third to first in the ACC Atlantic. Frankly, BC could finish anywhere between last and first and I wouldn't really be surprised. Tech is predicted to win the conference, and Christian Ponder is going to be the Offensive Player of the Year, per us.

For the record, Maryland was in last place in the Atlantic (again), but at least they got more votes than UVA. That's almost what the program has come to at this point, but we've got to take pride in something, right? Oh, and Alex Wujciak got two votes for defensive player of the year (neither of which were from me!).

Check the full results at Gobbler Country.