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Maryland Minute 8.17.10 - Wujciak, Moten, Smith Named to Award Watch Lists

Wujciak, Moten Make Butkus Award Watch List
Add a few more to the list. Wujciak has a much better shot than Moten, but getting both ain't bad.

Torrey Smith Makes Paul Hornung Award Watch List
The Hornung Award is for the "most versatile player in college football." So, how about some Wild Turtle now?

Tyler Harris Has a Top 10 - No Maryland
Harris was popular because of his brother, but to be honest I'm not sure how good he really was. His list isn't particularly impressive, for one: UConn, USF, Washington, Providence, Rutgers, St. John's, Duquesne, Rhode Island, Iowa, and Wake. With Harkless and DFS, Maryland has a lot of options that they've poured a lot of resources into right now.

Freshman fullback Rahsaan Moore impressing in first camp -
I thought he'd make an impact, but I wasn't sure it'd happen so soon. He'll probably see some playing time at FB while Taylor Watson heals, and might even factor in at TE if they can't get healthy.

Mackall not at a loss about making an impact -
I firmly believe that by the time David Mackall leaves College Park, he will have made a huge impact.

"As of right now, I see myself making a big impact for us as far as blitzing the quarterback," Mackall said. "As time goes on, I know I'll learn the defense better and I'll get better. So anytime one of [the starters] needs help, I think I'd be all right to step in and take care of that situation. But as far as me blitzing, I think that'll be my biggest impact."

Yep. He'll be an edge rusher in passing situations, and he'll make an impact that way.

Terrapins Insider - A look at Wallace D. Loh's connection to athletics
Short version: he has none. Seriously, that's exactly what this article says, just in a slightly longer format.

7-4 Sim Bhullar Mixtape
He's 7-4. You can probably figure out the rest. For the record, Maryland has been in contact.

USNWR Updates Rankings: Maryland Slips to 56
Down a few spots from last year. That's a surprise to me, we've been rising pretty steadily for quite some time. Interesting that this comes out the same day Maryland hires Loh.