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Gary Williams To Be Inducted Into Baltimore's Hall of Legends

He's still not in the real Hall of Fame, no matter how much he deserves to be, but Baltimore's Sports Legends Museum's Hall of Legends is at least somewhat of a consolation prize for Gary Williams. According to the Sun, he'll be inducted into the new-ish Hall on Sept. 30.

Williams' induction ceremony into the Hall of Legends -- a Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards creation -- is scheduled for Sept. 30 at the Hippodrome. Babe Ruth, Johnny Unitas, Art Modell, Jim McKay and Brooks Robinson are previous inductees into the Hall of Legends.

"The Hall of Legends will be reserved for those individuals who have contributed above and beyond at the top echelon of state and national athletics," said Mike Gibbons, executive director of the Museum.

Considering Gary doesn't really have any strong connection to Baltimore - UMD is closer to DC and more of a DC entity - it's a little surprising. Then again, I've always felt a heavier UMD presence in Baltimore than DC, and I still think Maryland - especially its athletics - needs to market itself more aggressively there. Regardless, more recognition for one of the best coaches of this era is always welcome.

Now we're just working on that slightly more important one.