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Stats and Roundup From Maryland's First Intra-Squad Scrimmage: Robinson, Scott Impress

Probably the biggest story of the day, but for some reason I forgot to add to the MM, was Maryland's first intra-squad scrimmage. I guess not having it in the MM is a good thing, too, because it deserves better.

Anyway, it was the first semi-competitive atmosphere of the fall, where the practice feel is ever-so-slightly reduced. A few notes from the scrimmage, collected from various sources:

IMS had a good roundup of the action, but the most prominent bullet point there was the progression and success of Jamarr Robinson.

Friedgen and offensive coordinator James Franklin have been most impressed with Robinson's calmness and decision making a week into practice, and his performance in today's scrimmaged reinforced that. He went 6 of 11 for 146 yards and two touchdowns, and Friedgen said he only made one bad decision.

"I thought this was one of his better scrimmages myself," Friedgen said.

Added Robinson: "I'm a lot more comfortable. I get more confidence everyday in what we're doing, just going over it over and over and over. It's just making it more second nature to me. I just got to get used to seeing the different defensive looks that we face."

The other two big notes come from Jeff Barker, who was assured that the battle for the second CB is still a tight one. My money's still on Trenton Hughes.

Oh, and remember that new-and-improved Da'Rel Scott? Well, he's proving it.

Offensive coordinator James Franklin said it was the best he had seen Scott run. Scott topped 1,000 yards in 2008 but was limited by injury last season.

"This is the first time I've ever seen him be a complete back," said Franklin. "He made people miss in the open field. When there was a small hole there, he crammed it up in there and drove his legs and turned a 3-yard run into a 6-yard run. To me, that's what the great backs do."

Full stats, via, are below the jump, plus some minor, stat-based thoughts:

Scoring Plays:
Smith 71-yd pass from Robinson (Baltz PAT)
Scott 18-yd pass from Robinson (Baltz PAT)
Campbell 3-yd pass from O'Brien (Baltz PAT)
Baltz 22-yd FG
Dorsey 22-yd pass from O'Brien (Baltz PAT)
Adams 13-yd run (Baltz PAT)
Baltz 39-yd FG


Rushing (Carries-YDs./TDs):
Scott (5-61), Adams (8-52/1), Moore (9-35), Meggett (7-29), Salvatico (10-29), Lee-Odai (1-17), Douglas (5-16), Lariviere (2-8), H. Brown (1-4), McCree (1-4), Burns (1-[-2]), O'Brien (1-[-8]), C.J. Brown (2-[-9]), Robinson (5-[-35])

Passing (Comp.-Att.-Yds. / TDs / INTs):
Robinson (6-11-146/2), O'Brien (8-13-88/2), Brown (1-2-17), Burns (2-3-10)

Receiving (Rec.-Yds. / TDs):
Campbell (3-51/1), Smith (1-71/1), Furstenburg (2-34), Douglas (2-29), Dorsey (1-22/1), Scott (1-18/1), Logan (1-17), Adams (1-15), Berman (1-9), Dulin (1-5), Salvatico (1-5), Boykins (2-4), Williams (1-3)


Tackles (Solo-Assisted-Total):
Hartsfield (2-5-7), Lazerow (4-3-7), Austin Walker (2-4-6), Drakeford (2-4-6), Anderson (1-4-5), Hampton (1-4-5), Goree (0-5-5), Francis (2-3-5), Moten (1-3-4), Gloster (2-2-4), Mackall (2-2-4), Franklin (3-1-4), McDougle (0-4-4), Carter (3-0-3), Law (0-3-3), Peterson (2-1-3), Davidson (3-0-3), Alex Walker (0-3-3), Till (1-2-3), Graham (2-1-3), Perez (3-0-3), Ross (1-2-3), Donohue (0-2-2), Kabongo (0-2-2), Kerr (0-2-2), Evans (2-0-2), Wilson (0-2-2), Pooler (0-1-1), Hughes (1-0-1), J. Johnson (0-1-1), Kilgo (0-1-1), Monroe (0-1-1), B. Johnson (0-1-1), Whitfield (1-0-1), Seamonson (1-0-1), Rowson (0-1-1), Vellano (0-1-1)

Tackles for Loss (No.-Yards):
Hartsfield (2.0-16), Francis (1.5-10), Peterson (1.0-10), Gloster (1.0-5), Anderson (0.5-4), Hampton (1.0-2), Law (1.0-2), Mackall (1.0-1), Goree (0.5-1),

Sacks (No.-Yards):
Hartsfield (2.0-16), Francis (1.5-10), Peterson (1.0-10), Gloster (1.0-5), Anderson (0.5-4)

Pass Breakups:
Carter, Moten, Gloster, Perez

Forced Fumbles:

Fumble Recoveries:
Davidson (2)

Special Teams

Field Goals:
Baltz (2-2): (22-yard FG - GOOD, 39-yard FG - GOOD)

Punts (No./Avg.):
Baltz (3/41.6), Townsley (3-34.6)

Punt Returns (No./Avg):
McDougle (2/6.0), Dulin (1-8.0), Logan (1-27.0)

My thoughts:

I know I didn't see the game, but Danny O'Brien's statline was just as impressive as Robinson's. Higher completion percentage, two TDs, no interceptions. The only difference was Robinson's 71-yard pass.

Judging by the rushing stats, Maryland didn't break out the option or designed QB runs. Obviously, it's a scrimmage and they were probably wearing yellow jerseys, but it wasn't a great day for the offensive line if those stats are any indication.

Statistically speaking, Da'Rel Scott and D.J. Adams were definitely the most effective runners. I was surprised to see Rahsaan Moore get as much work as he did, but I still think he could have an impact.

Excellent outing for Demetrius Hartsfield with 7 tackles and two sacks. He's a dangerous one.

Tony Logan probably confirmed himself as the punt returner. 27-yard returns are very good things.