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Maryland Minute 8.16.10 - Media Wrap-Up For Practice #7

Tracking the Terps: Torrey Smith to play fewer snaps
Twisted logic.

"I probably won’t play as many snaps as last year," Smith said Monday night after scrimmaging with his teammates on the first day of two-a-days. "At the same time, if I don’t play as many snaps, my production might go up because I’ll be fresher."

Bad bad bad bad. We need Torrey on the field as much as possible. He's extremely dangerous, and for my money the best player Maryland has.

Devonte Campbell Suffers Concussion, Curse of Maryland Tight Ends Continue
Will Yeatman's out for six weeks, Lansford Watson hurt his MCL, and now Devonte Campball has a concussion and walk-on Ryan Schlothauer pulled a hammy. Dave Stinebaugh and Matt Furstenburg got plenty of playing time.

12 Days of Football: Maryland - ACC
Does being the first team in the 12 days of football mean we're the worst? Probably. Anyway, not too much of note here, except for the unseen-to-me Alex Wujciak video.

Four Questions: Maryland Articles - ACC Sports Journal
There's the regular stuff about Friedgen keeping control, a perhaps better offensive line, and Don Brown's defense, but there's also this mass of scare:

Defensive back Jeremiah Hendy is one of Maryland’s top early commitments. The Bowie High standout chose the Terps over the Cavaliers in a very close battle, citing his parents’ preference that he stay near home. Hendy, though, has kept his recruitment open and remains in contact with Virginia, even taking an unofficial visit to Charlottesville in late June.


"I consider myself a Maryland commitment," Hendy said, "but Virginia is still a strong player in my recruitment." That type of statement has to be cause for concern in College Park, as a slow start could lead to a mass exodus. In fact, the Terps already have had two recruits renege on early commitments, as Florida linebacker Shaun Ward switched his allegiance to Texas A&M and Florida defensive back Allen Ramsay flipped over to Wake Forest.

I firmly believe starting off 4-1 (wins over Duke, Navy, FIU, and Morgan State) can account for at least one serious commitment; Blake Countess springs to mind. If it's 2-2 instead, it could be a very long recruiting season.

Joel Francisco on Nick Faust: "High-Level"
I asked ESPN's Joel Fransisco about Nick Faust awhile back, and while he missed the message originally, he just got back to us today on Twitter. Check it:

Faust had one great game. Hit shots and his passing was high-level. Like his upside.

It's Official: Maurice Harkless is Handling Own Recruitment
In other words, Nate Blue isn't as handler-y as usual. And that's more than likely good news for Maryland, because Gary Williams doesn't usually like handlers.

LaQuinton Ross to Ohio State
Maryland was in on him for awhile. No more, I guess.

Mike Leach joins CBS College Sports as analyst
CBS College Sports isn't exactly ESPN in terms of subscribers, but hopefully there will be some YouTubes of this. Leach could definitely be comedy gold on air. And it's good that he's staying in the game as opposed to sticking to a courtroom somewhere - makes him a tad more attractive as a candidate.

Travis Hughes Favors UNC?
Hughes has been one of Maryland's biggest targets since the 2011 cycle started, thanks to his ridiculous talent, the need for another linebacker, and the fact that he's current starting CB Trenton Hughes' brother. In an interview, Travis said he couldn't wait to play with his brother and it would be great "when" it happened. Obviously, we kinda assumed he was an MD lean.

That was probably a bad idea.

Linebacker Travis Hughes (6-1, 220) of Virginia Beach, Va., made an unofficial visit to Clemson over the weekend. Hughes favors North Carolina over Clemson. He also has Maryland, Virginia Tech, Virginia and LSU on his list. He plans to schedule an official visit with the Tigers.

Can't really blame him for not wanting to join a 2-10 team, but here's hoping this is wrong.

Either This Guy Isn't a Great Basketball Scout or Sterling Gibbs is Way Better Than We Thought
A quick rundown for the Youth Olympic Games' basketball tourney, which was different as a 3-on-3 instead of 5-on-5 format. But this guy, who I think is either British or Australian because he said "mates", thinks Sterling Gibbs is a monster.

The men’s team in particular never seem to miss and their star player Sterling Gibbs is so outrageously talented, it looks like he could soon be earning the big bucks back home with the likes of Lebron James, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant.

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap – Gibbs helps U.S. to win
You know the deal.