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Maryland Minute 8.15.10 - Terp Target Space Cuts List, Maryland Makes It

Antwan Space Cuts List to Five: Maryland, Missouri, Florida State, Arkansas, Gonzaga
Per Rivals, via SBN Gonzaga blog Slipper Still Fits. Based simply on how long each has been recruiting him and the prestige level of each, I'd say Gonzaga probably has the upper hand here, but Maryland's been on him for awhile and is pushing.

I'm not entirely in love with Space because I'd prefer two big men instead of two wings (unless Harkless or DFS decide to join up), but that's just me. Maryland's certainly in no position to turn him down.

According to Rivals, he'll make officials in September and decide in October.

Random Rap Group Comes Out with "Maryland Terps Anthem"
Sonshine and Mastamine of Lo Life Thugs came out today wtih a song called "Maryland Terps Anthem (MD Prayer)." I'm not buying it (yet), so I have to go on is the :30 iTunes preview. It's meh, but at least we're getting some street cred.

Now all that's needed are features by J-Lew, the Franchyze, and Terrell Stoglin, and we got ourselves an intro song.

Discover Card likely to sign on as Orange Bowl sponsor - CFT
As someone who's primary card is a Discover, I feel a weird sense of pride that my debt is partially be using to fund the ACC.

Mids Insider - Blue & Gold scrimmage highlights
A few notes from Navy's scrimmage, via the WaPo. Apparently they decided to work more on passing; I still wouldn't expect more than 10 passes all game, if that.

Meggett asserts himself in Terps' backfield race -
I've had my doubts about Meggett, but the balanced runner is apparently what Kevin Dorsey calls "the third element."

"That's what we need," Dorsey said. "We need that guy who will push for that extra yard. You got D.J, he's the power back, and you've got Da'Rel, he's the fast and quick guy. Everybody's talking about thunder and lightning. I don't even know what the third element is, but we've got three." Water? Earth? Probably earth.

Anyway, Meggett is faster and more decisive, so hopefully he rebound from that rough year last season. That backfield is more crowded by the day.

Source: Terrell Skinner trying out for Eagles today - National Football Post
Congrats to Terrell on getting the workout. Hopefully he sticks, even if it is with a team I don't really like.

Previous broken legs solidified resolve of Nolan Carroll
Carroll's been impressing since he joined the Dolphins' camp.

Although Carroll (5-feet-11, 204 pounds) played just one full season at cornerback at Maryland after switching from receiver, he has worked his way into the top-five rotation at cornerback for the Dolphins and also had a 27-yard kickoff return Saturday night. With Will Allen's recent knee surgery knocking him out for several weeks, Carroll could be the team's nickel corner right away.

Evan Daniels, via Twitter: Nick Faust Will "Get a Bump" in Rankings
Hopefully "bump" equates to ~30-40 spots. He's 57 on Scout.

Born Ready Arrested for Pushing Girlfriend Down the Stairs
Wow. He would've done well at Maryland. Not.

Dematha vs. Paul VI - Kenner Championship 2010 Highlights
The only Terp targets are on DeMatha, James Robinson (#3 in gray) and Jerami Grant (pretty sure he's the guy in the white tee and no number in gray, but not sure). Both are 2012 targets. Robinson is stockier than I thought; he's pretty strong. The pass at 1:39 is pretty crazy. Throw him and Pe'Shon in the same backcourt, and you have one of the strongest, flashiest duos in the conference.