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Maryland Minute 8.13.10 - Another Terp TE Gets Hurt: Will Yeatman to Miss Six Weeks

A former Golden Domer, Yeatman won't be available until Week 4 for the Terps.
A former Golden Domer, Yeatman won't be available until Week 4 for the Terps.

Will Yeatman Breaks Finger, Will Miss Six Weeks
If Lansford Watson's injury opened up playing time for Yeatman, then I guess Yeatman's injury opens up playing time for Matt Furstenburg. Even if Watson doesn't miss any playing time, one of Maryland's deepest positions has transformed into one of thinner ones, at least for the first few weeks. Yeatman would return around Week 4, against Florida International.

Cam Chism Pulls Hammy, Too
That's usually a minor injury; hopefully it is this time.

Clemson to retire C.J. Spiller's No. 28 when Terps are in town
Which relatively ensures that the Tigers, who were 1-3 against Maryland during Spiller's time in Clemson, will lose. Again.

Local Standout OT Donovan Smith Cuts List, Terps Make It
Cyrus Kouandjio he ain't, but Donovan Smith is still one of the top 5 players in Maryland and one of the better OTs out there. Maryland made his twelve-team list alongside UConn, Illinois, Michigan State, UNC, Penn State, Pitt, Rutgers, Syracuse, UCLA, UVA and VT. Not the worst list in the world, as far as Maryland goes.

A.J. Francis Would Be a Fortune 500 Company Owner Right Now
If he could invest in words.

"That’s all we heard, all year," Francis said. "I wish you could invest in words, because if I could invest $20 into the 2-10 stock, I’d be the owner of a Fortune 500 company right now. It gets to the point that you get so tired of hearing about 2-10 that you have no option but to work to make sure it never happens again, and it never will happen again."

Ranking the ACC's quarterbacks - Dinich

11. Jamarr Robinson, Maryland: He takes over for Chris Turner, and should provide more options in the playbook because of his athleticism. Robinson ran for 129 yards against Virginia Tech, and in the two games he started last year threw for 459 yards and ran for 229 more.

Wel, he has more experience than Sean Renfree at Duke, and most people would think that Marc Verica at UVA shouldn't be anywhere near 8th, but there are some talented QBs in the league. Sadly, this ranking isn't that bad.

ACC Rivalries....of the Future: Maryland and UNC? Maryland and GT?
These would be rivalries because...?

Maryland vs. North Carolina - This one is placed all the way down at No. 10 because the reason for restoring this game as an annual rivalry are simple. The two teams are traditional ACC foes (and we want to keep Maryland out of the Big Ten, don't we) and the two are the flagship universities of their respective states; quick, someone make a trophy.

Yes! We're using the threat of leaving as a get a trophy with North Carolina? Eh, progress.

Maryland vs. Georgia Tech - The theme here, if you haven't caught it yet, is the build up of traditional ACC rivalries. These two schools represent the extreme North and South of the pre-1990s conference. This rivalry probably won't bud to Civil War proportions, especially with the Terrapins down football program, but the game will always be an enjoyment to watch.

Sorry, it doesn't work like that. There has to be a legitimate reason for the dislike. I just feel apathy towards Georgia Tech.

Big Ten's Jim Delany on players being bought: 'It's happening' - The Dagger
That's a rather bold statement.

"I'm talking about the corruption of the youth basketball program, the money that's used to influence recruiting. And ultimately the buying of players, either through third parties or through coaches or coaches and third parties — agents. I can't tell you if it's three institutions or whether it's 15. But make no mistake about it; it's happening.. .. It's a corruption issue."

I bet Gary Williams would like this guy.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
You know what to do. The most interesting thing, to me: apparently we're in Desmond Hubert's top four.