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Maryland Minute 8.12.10 - Lansford Watson Tears MCL

How would those helmets look in black...?
How would those helmets look in black...?

Lansford Watson Has MCL Tear
But he'll play with a brace and shouldn't miss any time.

Regardless, he was trying to start at TE across from Devonte Campbell (or ahead of Campbell), and this could impede that. I think I see a very slight opening for Will Yeatman's playing time.

Phil Steele Likes Maryland for 2010
The Terps made his favorite teams list.

Last year I was rooting against Maryland on a weekly basis. Despite coming off an 8 win season that included a bowl win, I picked the Terps to finish in last place which is precisely where they ended up. This year they are in much better shape and make my most improved list. While the Terps are the sheik pick to finish 6th again, I have them rated higher and will be a big fan of them this year in stark contrast to last season.

Washington May Be "Team to Beat" for Jabari Brown
As long as Maryland is the team to beat for Faust, I guess that's okay.

Kansas is also firmly on Brown's list and there is talk of Turner and Brown wanting to play together. However, there is also talk that Washington might just be the team to beat for Brown.

On that note, Mr. Faust is on Twitter (@sliccnick5), along with new Maryland recruit Johnny O'Bryant (@hoopordie11). Just in case you didn't know.

Ranking the Terps’ Baseball Recruits " Terrapin Trail
The best are apparently JuCos, including #1 recruit Chuck Ghysels, who was drafted in the 36th round by the Reds. Tim Kiene, a high schooler, was also drafted, this time by the Nats in the 30th round.

99 Thoughts About College Football: Would Colorado-Maryland Mess With the Theory of Relatively?
I was guessing because they're horrible, but he went with slow.

56. If Colorado and Maryland played, would every spectator's watch run a few seconds slower after watching it? Does this have unique implications for the Special Theory of Relativity? And if so, do I have to watch it? Because I really, really don't want to watch it.

55. On the other hand, if you want to experience Jamarcus Russell Drank-o-Vision without the cough syrup nausea, this would be the way to do it.


That said, Mr. Hall is wrong here; Maryland, despite being nicknamed the Terrapins, actually have a pretty decent amount of team speed considering their conference, and it's been that way the past couple years. With the recent shift toward speed, it only stands to get better.

Terps, Friedgen prepare for comeback in 2010 -
Just a standard preview piece, but it's just more to read. Fridge also does an interesting twist on the "we're young" excuse:

"I've still got a lot of young kids,'' Friedgen said. "The difference is they're not walking out there starry-eyed thinking, 'I'm playing Division I football.' They've been out there, they know what it's about. Now it's about winning Division I football.''

Comparison: Georgia Hires New AD, Greg McGarity
Damon Evans, Georgia's former AD, lost his job around the same time Debbie Yow did. They've already got a replacement, too: Greg McGarity, a senior executive assistant for football and men's basketball. Georgia's a program I like to think is on a similar plane as Maryland as a top tier team in both football and basketball, but of course there's a different mentality down there.

That said, after seeing Oregon and Georgia both land assistants, I have to think that Hathaway or Castiglione (especially Castiglione) would have to be considered rather major coups.