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You Tell Us: Are Maryland's Helmets Ugly?

A few days ago, Rivals did their annual conference previews. One of the areas they examine is helmet attractiveness; they rated Boston College, surprisingly, as tied for the worst with Miami (Wake Forest also received one vote). So when the guys at BC Interruption were upset at their ranking, they turned on us, claiming Maryland had the worst-looking helmets in the ACC. Their readers agreed.

That did kick up a minor Twitter debate about the ugliest helmets in the conference, and though we came to the conclusion that Wake Forest's Times New Roman-fonted headpieces are probably the worst, no one - including the guys at Lost Letterman - seems to like Maryland's helmets, calling the "Terps" that emblazons it "fourth grade cursive."

Most Twitterers seem to think that Maryland's awesome state flag should be incorporated in some way. Regardless, if the rest of the ACC is to be believed, it's time for a helmet refresh.

They aren't the first people to say this. A few commenters in a FanPost brought it up several days ago, too. I appear to be one of the few that truly like the helmet. I dig white helmets that keep it simple, and this does. Plus, it has a lot of history: Maryland's best teams of the modern era came when Maryland had red helmets with the "Terps" in script; remember Boomer Esaiason and Frank Reich? Past that, Maryland has a lot of ugly helmets and not a lot of history.

In fact, if there's anything that should change, it should be the unis, at least in my mind. But I've long been in favor of an entire uniform redesign, so I suppose any change would be good change.

Anyway, I wanted to get a broader perspective here: do you like Maryland's helmets? If they ended up in the gutter, what you rather see than the script "Terps"? More flag imagery? Bringing in the block "M" logo? Switching to black, ala Ron Vanderlinden and Lamont Jordan era?

One of my storylines for the Countdown is a jersey refresh, so this'll be more detailed later. But I feel I need to get more of an opinion on this.