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Rounding Up Maryland Football's Media Day: Arnett, Watson to Miss Time, Ross Returns

Lot of stuff went on today, so kind of two MMs; one dedicated to the usual stuff, and one for the biggest event of the day: the start of Maryland's practice, and thus media day. It was a news-filled day, so let's get to the links:

DeOnte Arnett, Taylor Watson to Miss Substantial Time

Defensive lineman De’Onte Arnett is out six weeks with a cyst on his upper ankle and Taylor Watson, who injured his right knee during spring practice, could play by the third game.

Arnett would be back mid-September, around the same time as Watson. I guess that means a lot more Masengo Kabongo and Haroon Brown.

Isaiah Ross returns to the field for Maryland -
Two hurt, one comes back from injury.

Ross was one of the more promising freshmen, so this can only be a good thing.

"I feel like I'm ready to go full speed," Ross said. "That was the plan the whole time. Regardless of whether I was ready or not, I was going to step out there and try it."

Even if he doesn't start, he'll get a lot of playing time. He might actually start. Along with Mackall, Drakeford, and Till, he has the potential to form part of the core of the future of this defense.

Impressions from Day One of Football Camp - Jeff Barker
Solid roundup.

*Fridge may have two seasons remaining on his contract, but he said: "I haven’t put an end line to me. Maybe somebody else has."

Actually, Ralph, the administration did when they made Franklin HCIW. So, yeah, you have two years left on your contract, and contractually speaking, that's your end line.

*Redshirt freshman running back D.J. Adams is being looked at by coaches as a goal-line back. Coaches have him behind Da'Rel Scott, who ran track this spring, and Davin Meggett. Adams says goal-line specialist is fine with him -- anything that gets him on the field. I think Adams is going to be a star eventually.

100% agree with Adams' star prediction, as well as the fact that he's a great goal-line back. He'll be a TD vulture this year, play a Meggett type of role next year, then have the backfield all to himself.

Ralph: "Not a Big Gap" Between First and Last
Well, that's because he takes the Ricky Bobby approach in that if you're not first, you're last. Oh, wait, he specified sixth?

"There's not that big a gap between first and sixth," Friedgen said. "We have to talk about this and convince them. I think once we do that, I think you'll see this team grow in confidence. The ability is there. They've just got to believe."

I hate to be pessimistic, but there kinda is. Maryland isn't beating out Florida State and Clemson.

A Friendlier Fridge - IMS

"He makes a lot more jokes," defensive tackle A.J. Francis said. "He used to make so few jokes that even when he said a joke—even when it was horrible—we would laugh, because it would never come. Now he makes jokes a lot more."

You really wouldn't expect that, considering the situation. But I guess he kind of has to be this way. Either he knows something we don't, or he's trying really hard.

Tracking the Terps: Franklin, Terrapins begin anew
The most interesting point: Franklin was guilty of over-gameplanning.

"I'm probably too self-reflective at times," he said. "I tried to do more and more game-plan things and probably should have done the opposite."

WaPo: Ralph Friedgen faces make-or-break 2010 season
I find this ironic.

Friedgen said it is critical to hire a president who understands the importance of revenue-generating sports and what their success could mean for university exposure nationwide. He also said he is not concerned about whether Yow's 2010 baseline expectation will carry over to the new athletic director because he has loftier aspirations than a 7-5 regular season record.

That same "better" AD would probably result in Fridge being fired, but whatever.

Maryland 2010 football lookahead: Wide receivers - D1scourse
Torrey Smith was target significantly more by Jamarr Robinson than Chris Turner; statistically, that's probably a result of the three weeks where Smith got no looks. But still, can only be a good thing for everyone's favorite darkhorse Heisman candidate (on that note, he totally won the Heisman my first dynasty season in NCAA 11).

Lempa looking for big things from big freshman safeties -
Titus Till should be a star, Desmond Kearse should be an OLB, and Matt Robinson should be a redshirt at wide receiver. Just my opinion.

"If you just look at them, physically all three of them are 6-2, 6-3," safeties coach Kevin Lempa said. "They're all tall, lean and they all ran in the 4.5s. That's very unusual for one guy [Robinson] who's 220, the other guy [Till] is probably 195, the other guy [Kearse] is 180-something. To run that fast, that's a good thing. They seem really bright, they seem very smart and they're fairly strong. So that's a good combination."

AJ Francis Offers Analysis of Triple Option
Awesome description.

"The triple option offense in and of itself, you just lay out the blueprint it is so easy to stop; all you've got to do is do your job," Francis said. "But it's so hard to do your job every single play. Everybody on the field might do their job every play except for maybe five, and for those five plays, they'll break five long runs, probably score three touchdowns, set up maybe another touchdown and a field goal and now you lose 31-28. Just like that, just on five plays. You could shut them down for 80 plays and they have five plays they do well and score 31 points."