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Maryland Minute 8.10.10 - Cyrus Kouandjio Cuts List, Plus Plenty of Former Terp News

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A lot of stuff went down today, from media day to Maurice Harkless announcing he's visiting to Johnny O'Bryant perhaps becoming an option. Be sure to check all that out; if you were on vacation, you have plenty of reading material.

(Oh: and about the Lance Ball pic, well, the head honchos are trying to cut down on non-AP photos, and Cyrus K sadly isn't in the database. It'll make more sense after the jump).

Other happenings (minor) happenings throughout the day:

Cyrus Kouandjio Cuts List, Maryland Makes Final 11
Along with Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Miami, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pitt, Tennessee, USC, and Virginia. I think, realistically, Maryland could beat out New Mexico, Virginia, and maybe Pitt and Tennessee. The key is to get far into the recruitment, keep Maryland's name out there, and seem like a serious competitor for five-star kids. The more they do, the more credible they seem.

Harkless on Terps: "Really Wanted to Get Down There"

Asked why Maryland gets the first visit, he said: "I just really wanted to get down there and check it out."

That's probably good.

Statistically Speaking: ACC Preview - Terps at #3 in the Atlantic (!!!)
They say a 4-4 year in conference. That means that wins over Florida International and Morgan State have this team playing in a bowl. And, by the way, this isn't someone's guy; this is statistically inclined, using "SDPI rankings coupled with some regression analysis" and "Log 5 probability". Over my head, but cool; I like smart people.

Oh, and eff yes.

And more on a bunch of former Terps past the jump, including Lance:

Lance Ball to Start For Broncos on Sunday
Lance was awesome, one of my favorite Terps when he was here. Never forget the Navy screen that he single-handedly turned into a game-winning play.

E.J. Henderson: A miracle, so far - ESPN
Always great to hear about Terps succeeding in the league, and it sounds like that's exactly what EJ's doing. Great to hear about his comeback after that gruesome injury.

To this point, however, Henderson's return has proved to be no charade. No one is willing to say he will be the Vikings' starting middle linebacker Sept. 9 at New Orleans -- no one except Henderson, that is -- but here's what we can say with absolute certainty: Henderson has cut his original recovery timetable in half, and in the process surpassed every milestone set in front of him. His final hurdle will be a big one -- actual game experience -- but it's not out of the question that he could play in Saturday's preseason opener at St. Louis.

Maryland Basketball: Where Are They Now?: Ekene Ibekwe Signs in Germany

I was hoping Ekene could've found a job in the NBA. Sadly, he didn't.

By the way, if you don't frequent this blog, start now. I never get happier than seeing an item from here give me a blast from the past in my RSS feed.

Three Terps Fall to Brazil in USMNT Friendly
None of Maurice Edu, Clarence Goodson, or Omar Gonzalez were mentioned in this ESPN recap, but it couldn't really have been good for anyone.