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Maryland Football Practice Kicks Off, Think Happy Thoughts

Hey! It's football season! Football posts don't generate a lot of discussion around these parts, but y'know what? It's still football, it's still sports, and it's still exciting. That's enough for me.

Yes, fall football practice officially kicks off today. That means Torrey Smith's Heisman candidacy reaches Phase II, the QB semi-battle might begin, and preparation for Navy and their dastardly complex triple option offense is fully underway.

The season for Maryland is a crucial one: a new AD will likely be installed mid-way through, Ralph Friedgen has one more shot to live out his contract, and another poor season could do serious damage to the program. So yeah, it's kinda important.

Because countdowns are always fun, I'll be counting down to the start of the Navy game with a new storyline each day. And yes, I actually had to figure out 26 friggin' storylines about Maryland football, and that wasn't at all easy. But those start tomorrow. Today, some things to make you feel good about football:

Joel Statham's five minutes of fame.