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Maryland Minute 8.1.10 - Terp Target Harkless to Cut List in August

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Harkless to Cut List in August - Zags
Hopefully this means that he won't wait too long to make a decision. And sorry for the Harkless obsession lately.

Time for a Terp turnaround? Well, someone in the ACC will get better -
For the last three decades, there's been at least one 4-game turnaround in the ACC 80% of the time. That's decent odds for a four-game turnaround, but it's still long odds to be Maryland.

Fridge's Way to Start the Day: Facebook With Recruits
Sorry, I just have trouble imagining Fridge picking up his iPhone and logging onto Facebook, then liking Darius Jennings' old-school quote.

The rotund 63-year-old picks up his iPhone and visits with the Terrapins’ recruiting targets on Facebook, a social-networking website.


"First thing I do is check in with our prospects," he said. "You can communicate with prospects on Facebook."

Post July Period Rankings - Hardwood Elite
Nick Faust was one of their big risers:

Nick Faust has continued to get better and better throughout the summer. He has an unorthodox release on his shot, but it doesn't prevent him from getting it off and making a very high percentage of them. He is a very good athlete and has shown the ability to get to the rim as well. To put it simply, he has the total package and is more than deserving of his jump in the rankings to number 16.


A tip of the cap to E.J. Henderson |
The former Terp great is back in action after a potentially career-threatening injury. Props to E.J.

Buck Williams returns, still seeking a championship for Portland
Buck Williams is now an assistant coach at Portland. I wonder if he'd be considered if a spot opened up at MD.

Now Williams – officially named Tuesday as a member of Nate McMillan’s coaching staff – has some unfinished business to tend to. "We came so close to winning a championship during my time here as a player," Williams says. "I just feel like my career is not really complete until I win a championship. I didn’t do it as a player, but I think I can help the Blazers get it done as a coach.

Lonny Baxter Heads to Russia
He'll be headed to the Russian Super League; Enisey Krasnoyarsk, to be exact.