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Vote for the Testudo Times 2011 Recruiting Big Board 3.0

Jabari wants to know: where does he stand? Image via <a href=""></a>
Jabari wants to know: where does he stand? Image via

From time to time here at Testudo Times, we're known to do a little thing called the Big Board. Basically, its a barometer for where Maryland's various basketball recruiting targets stand in the eyes of the fans.

We've done two already; unfortunately, things happen to change very quickly in this world. In the first one, Quinn Cook was #1. In the second, Cook was still in the top ten and Nick Faust was #5. So now that the entire AAU season is over, it's time to do another one and account for all those changes

The way we do this is simple. The poll is after the jump, with all the targets Maryland is looking at. Your job is to rank them, 1-10, in order of importance to you. This isn't who you think is the best (necessarily) or who Maryland is most likely to get; it's who you would recruit if you were Gary Williams.

As always, a disclaimer: we're obviously not Gary Williams, so Maryland's big board will inevitably be different. This is just for fun, a way to drive discussion and talk about recruiting.

If you're not a recruitnik but still want to participate, check out the newly updated basketball recruiting database, which has a round-up on all the recruits listed. If I missed anyone, let me know so I can fix it early. Otherwise, get started people, and please share your votes: