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Maryland Commitment Shaun Ward Reopens Recruitment

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A few days ago, I mentioned that it was a likelihood that at least one of Maryland's best three commitments to date - Nigel KingShaun Ward, and Marcus Leak - would probably decommit, if not more. Well, the first has come down, and it's Ward.

Rivals has the story, though all you need to see is the teaser. He's officially opened his recruitment back up, and as we've learned so well its pretty rare for a decommit to end up at his original school, at least when that original school is Maryland (seriously, Louis Young and C.J. Leslie, don't go bucking the trend). The only saving grace is that he never seemed entirely set on Maryland - he visited Texas A&M after his commitment - so there's a chance he's just opening it back up to see what else is out there. If so, then Maryland can still play a role.

Otherwise, one of Maryland's most promising commitments is out the window. Ward is a hyper-athletic DE/OLB 'tweener that looked to be part of the future of speed rushers at Maryland, a future that should've included Ward, Javarie Johnson, and David Mackall. After Ward's decommitment and Johnson's transfer, only Mackall - who was very nearly a Michigan Wolverine, not a Terp - remains of that trio.

To be frank, though, this had to be expected and will probably have to be expected in the future. Maryland got a couple of very highly-touted players like this, and the second stage of the recruitment - holding onto them - began as soon as they committed. That's just the way it is, unfortunately, especially when the team in question just went 2-10 and no one knows how much better the next season will be, if it is at all.

We can only hope that King and Leak remain, because they'd make a stellar WR corps in the coming years. In the meantime, Maryland still really, really needs to land another impact player - hopefully Travis Hughes or Blake Countess - and the sooner the better.