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Florida Safety Undray Clark Commits to Maryland

Undray-clark150_mediumJust weeks after losing their two Florida commitments, Maryland picked up another one. Safety Undray Clark from Felix Varela in Miami committed to the Terps today, marking their 12th commitment on the season, and third from Florida - albeit their only on hand presently, as the other two decommitted.

Clark can supposedly play four positions - quarterback, wide receiver, cornerback, safety - but sees himself as a safety and would prefer to play defense; that's where he's listed most places. He had offers from Louisville, Duke, and Minnesota in addition to Maryland. Rivals has him as a 3 star, and in the top 100 players in Florida and the 79th safety; Scout and ESPN don't have him ranked yet. Clark stands at 5-11, 185; good, not spectacular, size for a safety or corner.

Elite Scouting Services has the most information on Undray, with a surprisingly detailed scouting report. According to ESS, his biggest strength is actually his versatility and ability to play multiple positions well:

Clark will be one of Varela's top prospects on offense and their shut down cornerback on defense. Clark can also slide into the free safety spot and roam the field for the Vipers defense. He has a good knack for finding the football in the air. On offense he has the ability to adjust to poorly thrown passes and come up with the ball. He has good ball skills on both sides of the football. His upside is what college coaches are looking at.

On the other hand, they also seem to think he's inconsistent, which is troublesome considering Felix Varela isn't a recruiting pipeline and doesn't face the greatest competition, SoFla or not.

Consistency is the main thing Clark needs to work on. He will make one good/great play and then had a bad one. If he can play with more consistency then his ability on the football field will shine through. He also needs to get bigger and stronger to handle the receivers in the ACC.

According to ESS, offers started to fall off the table, and in response he committed to Maryland. Basically, he was getting out while the gettin' was good. That in itself is a tad troublesome, but Maryland's not in a position to turn away any three stars from Florida right now.

The only highlight video I could find of him online is also from ESS; unfortunately, it's not embeddable, so check it out at the link. A lot of it is him returning kicks; he actually looks very dangerous and fast with the ball in his hands. There wasn't a lot of video there, but he definitely looked just as good, if not better, on offense than he did on defense.

The big positive here is that the Florida connections are still alive and well, even if not so well as to grab big-time sleepers or highly-recruited prospects. Keep Florida kids coming in, and the hope is that a big one will eventually sign up, too.

Meantime, Maryland has two DBs signed up for the moment, though I wouldn't be surprised if either of them - Jeremiah Hendy, who's supposedly looking around, and Clark, a Floridian who committed because (it sounds like) he had few other choices - decommitted. Maryland's biggest goals - offensive line, running back (Darius Jennings?), and keeping hold of Marcus Leak and Nigel King - remain the same, though I'd welcome one more defensive back to the class.