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Alex Wujciak, Torrey Smith Make Preseason All-ACC First Team

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Virginia Tech is the smart money to win the entire ACC. Maryland is the smart money to be the worst team in the ACC. Don't tell that to the preseason All-ACC team, though.

Two Terps made the squad, which was voted on by conference media members, and three if you count the positions: Torrey Smith at wide receiver and kick returner (actually, he could be the most prolific kick returner in history) and Alex Wujciak at linebacker. Ironically, VT had only one player on the list, star RB Ryan Williams.

Wujciak led the linebacker vote, with more votes than the other representatives, Quan Sturdivant of UNC and Luke Kuechly of Boston College. Smith finished behind Donovan Varner of Duke at wide receiver. 

Last year, Maryland had two preseason All-ACC representatives, Wujciak and Travis Baltz. At the end of the year, they had two, too: Wujciak and Smith, at the same positions they are now.

I wouldn't be surprised if the biggest story of the season wasn't Maryland winning games but instead Smith's race for history; he needs only around 600 yards to pass Jeff Ligoon's record, set back in 1996. He's gotten twice that in both his freshman and sophomore years, so barring injury he'll break that record this year.

Check out the entire ballot at Congrats to both, and here's hoping they fulfill their expectations.