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Maryland Minute - 07.26.10 - Jamarr Robinson is Your Starting QB, Lots of Other Football News

Lots of news from football media day in Greensboro. Thanks (as always) to Ben B. for several of these links today.

Friedgen: Jamarr Robinson will be starting QB - D1scourse
Definitely surprising. I thought that Danny O'Brien would've been given a shot at it.

"I think Jamarr will be the starting quarterback, but like every position it's still going to be competitive," Friedgen said. "The biggest concern I have with the other guys is they haven't had any playing time. I see them developing. I'm not disappointed in them at all. I really would like to get them into some games so they could get some experience. I think that's the main quality Jamarr has over them is he's had [four] games of experience."

If JamRob is the best guy for the job, then good. But I wouldn't let four games of experience decide the race. -BB

My take - I'm really, really hoping this means we get out of the Franklin run, run, pass, punt style of the past several years and revert back to the more complex, option-esque offense that was so successful from 01-04. Wow, that's also when we went 31-8. Imagine that.

Haroon Brown "Likely Starter" at FB
Huh. I remember Haroon making an impact as a freshman awhile back, but he's been lost in the depth chart ever since. Good to hear he's been doing so well. -BB

My take - Hopefully Brown can help open holes if our O-line can't.

Terrapins Insider - Friedgen says Maryland-Navy game is 'great for the state'
Well, duh. But this is an awesome game and should continue every year until there's a good reason to stop it. The last game was incredible and this one figures to be a good matchup too. -BB

My take - I'm a Ravens fan, so of course I love this game played in Baltimore. And it's a great game that should happen every year. Navy is our only real football competition in state.

In One Fell Swoop, Florida Is Now Recruiting Maryland's Targets
Via @gatorhoops:

Florida reportedly had made scholly offers to SG Nick Faust, SF Dorian Finney-Smith, and SF Maurice Harkless.

Do they just look at Maryland's targets and say, "Hey, let's offer those guys!" -BB

My take - I hate Florida.  And I really want us to start landing 2011 recruits.

Terp signees Clarke, Cheeseboro head to prep school - D1scourse
Cheeseboro's not a huge loss - he was going to redshirt anyway. Rather have him on campus, but it's not a huge deal. Clarke, though, is disappointing. He had a chance to make an impact on the worrisome OL this year. -BB

IMS - Ronnie Tyler, Zach Kerr Could Be Next Academic Casualties
Ugh. What does it take to keep two starter-level players in school? I'm getting tired of this stuff.

Two more—junior wide receiver Ronnie Tyler and sophomore defensive tackle Zach Kerr—are on the bubble, pending summer school grades.

Friedgen said he might not know on Tyler until next week—an abbreviated summer term ends July 30—but believes Kerr, who is also enrolled in that term, is "looking pretty good."

"But [Kerr] can fall off at any time," he said. "But I’ve been pleased with him. He’s been working hard, he did better in summer school the first time. He’s got to finish this week—the last week of summer school. So it’s an ongoing issue with him. But he’s a talented kid that if he gets his life squared away can be a pretty good football player."

Good to hear about Kerr, I guess. But Tyler worries me; he has a lot of potential and would be the premier receiver after Adrian Cannon graduates and Torrey Smith goes pro, if that happens. -BB

Job security 'doesn't really concern' Maryland's Friedgen - Baltimore Sun
Fridge not worried about job security. That's good. But please win.

Terps' Friedgen focused only on winning - ACC Blog - ESPN
More on Fridge and wanting to turn the beat around.

Ralph Friedgen Not Ready to Leave Maryland Just Yet -- NCAAFB FanHouse
Noticing a theme here? I really do hope Fridge can turn it around and ride into the sunset on a high note...but I'm also starting to worry about our 2011 could turn to poo poo pretty quick. We might end up with zero 4-star guys and that would put us rather low in the recruiting class rankings...