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ACC Media Poll Pegs Maryland for Last Place in Atlantic Division

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We all know what the ACC Media Polls are worth. There's a very palpable North Carolina bias, and the expectations for a team that just went 2-10 should be rather low regardless. In fact, I'd have been surprised if Maryland wasn't last in the preseason poll.

And when that poll was released today, the media members didn't disappoint: Maryland was in the last place slot in the Atlantic Division by a rather sizable 64 vote margin behind Wake Forest. Unlike last year, there's no reason to be surprised here; Maryland has a great chance at finishing in last again, unfortunately.

I'm not exactly expecting the world here, but Wake Forest and Maryland probably could've switched. From my (relatively) uninformed opinion, Wake seems to be in a tough spot with Riley Skinner gone, no idea what to expect from Skylar Jones, and an offensive line just as bad as Maryland's. But that's just me; Jamarr Robinson may not be much better anyway. Still, a 64 vote margin seems a little too large.

The entire poll is below the jump:

Atlantic Division

1. Florida State (78) 565
2. Clemson (16) 479
3. Boston College (4) 389
4. NC State 283
5. Wake Forest 203
6. Maryland 139

Coastal Division

1. Virginia Tech (62) 532
2. Miami (20) 444
3. Georgia Tech (11) 408
4. North Carolina (5) 379
5. Duke 169
6. Virginia 126

ACC Championship Votes

1. Virginia Tech 50
2. Florida State 26
3. Miami 10
4. Georgia Tech 8
T5. Boston College 2
T5. North Carolina 2

Is it just me, or is Georgia Tech too low? I still think Miami is a year away, personally.

Other than that and perhaps a MD-Wake Forest switch, I'm good. What about you?