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Maryland Commitment Allen Ramsey Heads to Wake Forest

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Maryland's recruiting class, after a pretty strong start, has...looked pretty bad. No change that: terribly bad. Aside from the fact that Maryland has received a grand total of two commitments since May while other schools load up, the Terps have lost some of their big stars. Shaun Ward, a Floridian, was one of the jewels of the class a few weeks ago before he jumped ship to Texas A&M. And now another resident of the Sunshine State, CB Allen Ramsey, is heading out, too.

He's now listed as a Wake Forest commitment on Scout; it's not a huge surprise, actually, considering there are a load of articles claiming him as "reconsidering," but it still stings. You expect some schools to steal commitments, but usually it happens later in the cycle and Wake Forest isn't the one doing the stealing.

Regardless, the fact of the matter is that Ramsey is probably out the door, just like Ward. So after pulling in a multitude of Florida commitments last year and starting off surprisingly strong in the state this year, Maryland has a grand total of zero commitments from Florida. In fact, the majority of Maryland's players come from the places they traditionally get them, which, in this case, isn't very good: the Mid-Atlantic is competitive and knows well of Maryland's struggles last year.

No matter where Maryland's getting their players, the class isn't looking great. There's a lot of time to turn it around, but Don Brown, Ralph Friedgen, and - especially - James Franklin better start soon. Otherwise, there won't be a lot of time to save their jobs. And let's face it, the only reason to keep Franklin around at this point - as HC or otherwise - is recruiting.

Mike Leach looks better by the day. Not that he ever looked bad, of course.