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Maryland Minute - 07.19.10 - Hathaway as AD is Looking Less and Less Likely

Tracking the Terps: Hathaway's place in Maryland's AD search
According to Markus, it's unlikely that Hathaway would leave the committee chair position.

Frankly, I think that outside of Castiglione, no one is a home run here, and no one is a failure. Hathaway (and, actually, even Castiglione) has enough dark spots for me to be wary. -BB

My take - I still think Castiglione would really excite and motivate the fan base, so I'm holding out hope, but I would have been happy with Hathaway too. That would be a hard decision to make - go back to your Alma Mater or serve in one of the most prestigious honors an AD can have.

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap – Terps look at D.C. prospects -'s
Jabari Brown picked up an offer from KU (boo) and MD wasn't listed among his "also considering" but there are other schools he didn't list. I really, really want to land Brown but I'm losing hope fast... Also other great info (as always) from Matt Bracken

ACC storyline: Expectations are high for Ralph Friedgen at Maryland
Yes. Yes, they are. Of course, this is assuming "high" roughly translates to, uh, "win six games." Very tough. -BB

My take - What Ben said.

Okay, Which Of You Are the Quidditch Players?
Torrey Smith is a must-follow on Twitter. He might not be worth signing up for if you weren't going to get one anyway, but he's close. Follow him immediately.

Oh, and to the point: seriously, guys, Quidditch on the mall? -BB

My take - I can attest to Torrey Smith being a must-follow. And way to geek it up on the mall, guys.

Unsurprising: Maryland at the Bottom of ACC Baseball Power Rankings - Rivals
Patience. Bakich will get it done before long. - BB

My take - remember, we lost a lot of people to the pro draft....that's a good thing!

Rivals - Border Battle: Virginia vs. Maryland/D.C.
Sadly, only two people on either of these rosters is a Terp currently, and Maryland has a real shot at about three others. Virginia, if you're wondering, has five already. -BB

My take - in state recruiting is driving me crazy in football and basketball. Our state isn't that big. We need every other school to get the hell out of here.

Dean Muhtadi working hard for a shot at Arizona Cardinals roster - WaPo
Good ol' Dean. Kinda crazy overachieving DT - what's not to like? It'd be great to see him in the league. -BB

Ex-Terps coach Cottle joins Bayhawks as consultant -
I think Cottle has had other D1 head coaching offers. I wonder if he's just waiting for the right one or if he just wanted to stay in the area for now...