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PSA: Terrapins Rising, 2010 Edition, Kicks Off Tonight on CSN

It's baaaaack.
It's baaaaack.

There are some problems with Terrapins Rising, Maryland's annual spring football show/documentary, which follows the team and usually some various players through spring practice every year. It tends to focus a tad too much on personal vignettes. The same players are usually used for all the interviews. And most importantly, Maryland comes out of it every year looking like a conference championship contender.

Last year, the defense ran ragged over Maryland's offense; we thought we had the Chicago Bears' D in College Park. It just so happened that Maryland's offensive line was gawd-awful. Two years ago, James Franklin promised a national championship. That obviously didn't work out. And it just kind of goes backwards from there.

But for all of Terrapins Rising's flaws, it still stands a great recruiting tool, PR machine, and quite honestly an excitement generator when this team desperately needs it. Watch the trailer on and try not to get excited about football - and Maryland football at that - being back.

Sure, Maryland might go 2-10 again. But everyone's undefeated in the spring; everyone has a shot at contention. That's part of the beauty of spring ball, and it's also why I don't mind so much that the producers of the show emphasize the positive so much more than the negative. 

All of that was just a long introduction for this: Terrapins Rising season 4 premieres tonight, at 9:30 on CSN. This will serve as an open thread for the episode if anyone wants to discuss the goings-on.