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Maryland Minute 6.7.10 - Tahj Holden Gets Coaching Gig, Norvel Pelle Listing Terps

Ahh, this picture makes me smile.
Ahh, this picture makes me smile.

Tahj Holden to be Named Assistant at Monmouth

Via Zags' Twitter. Congrats to a great Terp!

Good News: Maryland on Norvel Pelle's List

It's a small jump, but an important one. - BB

Pelle hasn't even begun to narrow a list of more than 20 suitors that includes UCLA, Washington, Kansas, Syracuse, Maryland and Miami. But he said he likes the excitement that's surrounding St. John's.

Another Ranson Confirmation - Tracking the Terps

It's officially safe to feel safe about Ranson's impending hire. - BB

ACC Top 25 Player countdown: No. 21, Torrey Smith

Seems a little low to me. - BB

My Take: Agreed.  He was second in ACC all-purpose yards and the guy in front of him got drafted. 

Two Maryland Stars Commit to Virginia

Just sayin', I was pulling for Mike London. - BB

Brian Phipps Taken 23rd in MLL Draft

He'll be suiting up for the Chesapeake Bayhawks. 

Dinich on Fridge's #16 Recruiting Ranking...

"It's about time."

Really? MD Football is expected to reel in classes like this?

Wait: In conference expansion, does size equal profit? - Dr. Saturday

Quick reminder from the good doctor about one simple thing: each team that gets added to a conference must account for the same share of revenue that they would receive. Otherwise, they don't increase the pot for everyone else, but decrease it. Maryland would probably have an outside shot of accounting for that increased revenue if they could get the Big Ten Network on homes in DC and Baltimore. - BB