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Maryland Minute 6.6.10 - Lamar Young Leaves Football Team

Irony: the only available picture of Lamar Young (right) <em>also </em>features Dion Armstrong, who's also no longer a part of Maryland's program. Huh.
Irony: the only available picture of Lamar Young (right) also features Dion Armstrong, who's also no longer a part of Maryland's program. Huh.

Lamar Young Leaving Program
Certainly a loss for an offensive line that's already considered undermanned, but the odds that Lamar Young was going to seriously turn himself around have to be counted as low. Serious playing time has always been unlikely.

Even More Official: Goodman Confirms Ranson Hire
That just about does it, then.

Sources: Maryland short list includes Tambroni, Marr, Cantabene, Rogers
Tambroni is a dream. Cantabene would be a good hire. Marr would be average. Rogers would be a really big risk, probably on the average side.

Northwestern University questions lacrosse Final Four ref's conflict of interest
Very interesting. Kinda sounds like sour grapes to me, though. - BG

My Take: Definitely sour grapes. Sorry, but she wasn't reffing the game. Very unlikely.

LaQuinton Ross Stands Out at Pangos
Via Flagrant Fouls:

Laquinton was matched up against the hottest player of the spring and more than held his own. Going toe to toe with the number one power forward in America, Quincy Miller, Ross showed his versatility on the offensive end of the floor. He was phenominal along the baseline, displayed an excellent mid range game, passed the ball exceptionally well, was able to create his own shot, and even backed his defender down on a few occasions. Simply put, Ross looked like the player of old and seemed to be energized going up against a player of such high stature.

The statement that he's looking like "the player of old" is not a worthless one. The player of old was top 15. The player of now is mid-30s. That's a big difference.

...And He's Still Listing Maryland

Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott allowed to explore expansion options
Now, we wait for...

Big Ten: other conferences could change expansion timeline
Good. Let's get this done ASAP. The more I listen to this, the more I think whoever the new president is will have a decision to make.

Recruiting Report: Johnson, Faust stand out at I-95 Elite Challenge
I'd be surprised if Durand Johnson - who was being recruited by Bino Ranson at Xavier - wasn't at least given a harder look by Maryland, and vice versa.

At BCCC on Saturday, Johnson deferred to no one. The No. 116 rising senior in the country according to, Johnson was, at times, unstoppable. He scored 19 points in Baltimore’s 78-64 loss to the Washington all-stars in the Class of 2011 game.

Meanwhile, Nick Faust remains one of the better players of the 2011 class from the Baltimore area, but there's a tie-up:

"My favorite school since I was little was Duke," Faust said. "I’m just starting to get recruited by them now, but I haven’t got offered yet. But they’re not my favorite. I’ll just go wherever best fits me."


College football countdown: No. 89 Maryland
3-9? The sad thing is that I can definitely see that being right. Of course, I could also see 6-6.