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TV and Start Time Info Released for Maryland's First Three Games

Oh, ESPN3 (nee 360). It's all to easy for it to cross the border from "nice little convenience" to "awful method to watch an important game". Maryland fans probably know that better than anyone. After all, all but a select few games last year were on the internet network instead of normal television, and that meant that for most weekends, Maryland fans were parked in front of their laptops, not their TVs.

If you were one of the many fans that hated ESPN3(60), I have good news for you: you don't have to hate it immediately this year. You can probably wait until the conference season starts.

The TV info for Maryland's first three games was announced today, and only one will be exclusively streamed online. The other two will be broadcast on glorious, large, normal televisions.

The Terps will begin the season on ESPN against Navy at M&T Bank Stadium on Sept. 6 (Labor Day) at 4 p.m. This was the only piece of what was released Thursday that Maryland fans already knew. ...

Maryland learned that its next game -- at home against Morgan State on Sept. 11 -- will be televised on ESPN3 (formerly ESPN360) and will start at 6 p.m.

Maryland's third game at West Virginia on Sept. 18 will be broadcast on ESPNU and will start at noon.

Being on ESPN is great, although we did know about it a long time ago. The Morgan State game is an ESPN3 given considering the stature of the teams involved, so no complaints there.

I am questioning MD-WVU being put on ESPNU, though. That's a nice rivalry featuring one good team and one potentially decent team. That's ESPN2 material to me, at least regionally.

But that's ignoring the main point of the story: only one game on ESPN3! Cherish it, because there's no telling how long it'll last once conference play kicks in.