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Interim AD Randy Eaton Announces Budget Increases for Maryland's Biggest Sports

One of the biggest reasons Randy Eaton was retained at Maryland was his financial ability and knowledge. Well, anybody that can increase budgets for Maryland's two revenue sports is okay in my book.

Maryland's new interim's AD first real announcement about the operations of the department was that the budgets for football and men's basketball increased from last year, to pre-cut levels. And that, my friends, needs no explanation: it's straight up good news.

You'll probably remember that Maryland had to cut their budgets of both sports by 3.1% last year. (Women's basketball was cut by just 2.4%, which of course raised the ire of most fans). The cuts forced the football team to rely on private donors for planes instead of buses to travel to games and resulted in a scaled-down, far less entertaining than usual Maryland Madness.

The budgets have now been increased back to the levels before the cuts. Considering that there was a possibility of more cuts, this increase is a good thing indeed.

Debbie Yow almost certainly had a lot to do with this. In fact, it may be one of her final acts. As CFO, Eaton likely did, too. And like I said, anyone that increase budgets is okay by me.