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Reports - Debbie Yow Will Accept AD Position at NC State

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Wow, lots going on tonight. Trying to keep up with things as they happen. Multiple sources are now reporting that Maryland's current Athletic Director, Dr. Debbie Yow, will leave the University to accept the same position with NC State. I've reached out to Dr. Yow for comment but haven't heard back.

I think if there was a school that could pry Yow away from Maryland, NC State would be it. Yow hails from the area and her sister was a legendary basketball coach at NC State. I could see her leaving Maryland to go back to her roots and be able to easily retire there. Nothing is official yet, but several outlets are reporting that Yow is heading to North Carolina for a possible press conference as soon as tomorrow.

Many Terps fans have mixed emotions about Yow, but her impact on Maryland has been overwhelmingly positive. She got the Athletic department out of debt, lead the effort to update the athletic facilities, including building Comcast and renovating Byrd, and has seen several national championships won under her watch. While opinions vary on Yow, I think she's had a great impact on the University. She'll be hard to replace, regardless, and since the University is transitioning to a new President as well this summer, it will be interesting to see who oversees the hiring of a new AD. Whoever that is better hit a home run when they make that hire.

More info to come soon, I'm sure...