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Terps Football Snags 2011 Recruit, RB Brandon Ross

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The football staff got back on the recruiting trail, snagging up running back Brandon Ross out of Wilmington, DE yesterday. Ross had an official offer from Army  and had interest in BC, Rutgers and Texas Tech.  At 5'11" and 190, Ross looks like he's great at running between the tackles, catching the ball in the flat and down field and breaking tackles. His speed looks to be good, not blazing, but once he gets going in the open field, it looks like it's pretty hard to stop him. I think he's a pretty solid signing and his stock will probably go up later this year. After a season or two of bulking up, I could see him being a force to stop, especially in short yardage situations.

Highlight video below. Thanks to bloodwatermission for the heads up.