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Sorta Official: Quinn Cook, Terps Heading In Different Directions

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After Sterling Gibbs committed to Maryland in April (wow, that seems like forever ago), I mentioned that it probably signaled the end of Maryland's recruitment of local superstar point guard Quinn Cook. Even though he was listing Maryland as recently as a few weeks ago, he never really seemed a priority or a possibility.

Now, that's at least semi-official (probably won't call anything official for like ever anymore).

For a while it seemed that Gary Williams and Co. might be able to keep Cook in-state and bring him to College Park. Now, with recent recruiting developments, Cook said at the Bob Gibbons TOC that he is no longer considering the University of Maryland.

Like I said last time: this is good. Cook was a longshot that was probably not going to end up at Maryland, and Gibbs' commitment allowed the Terps to focus elsewhere, like Adjehi Baru and Mikael Hopkins. Cook and Maryland probably both realized this, and decided to move on.

However, I figured that Cook was the blog's favorite prospect for the better part of a year, and the news that he was officially heading elsewhere deserved a legitimate mention outside the MM. So long, Quinn; we hardly knew ye. No, really, we like didn't know you at all.

This does, though, completely transfer the title of "blog's favorite prospect" to Jabari Brown, until he breaks our hearts, at which time it will move to Adjehi Baru. Right?