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Report: Star Recruit Javarie Johnson Leaving Maryland

Javarie Johnson
Javarie Johnson

Remember a few months ago, Maryland snagged star DE/LB Javarie Johnson as part of their furious finish to the 2010 recruiting season? He was Maryland's prized prospect for the year, one of just four four-star commitments, and our unanimous choice for player most able to contribute early.

Yeah, he's gone now. IMS broke the news a few minutes ago that Johnson, an incoming freshman for 2010-11 that enrolled a semester early, is heading out, partially due to academics.

Linebacker Javarie Johnson, one of the most heralded prospects in Maryland's 2010 recruiting class, has left the university because of academic and personal issues and will transfer to another school, his former high school coach told

Johnson, a linebacker who signed with Maryland and enrolled in January after de-committing from Miami, was struggling with his grades as well as some obstacles in his Washington, D.C., home and neighborhood, said Dunbar High School coach Craig Jefferies.

Actually, academics was part of the reason he came to Maryland. He was originally committed to Miami, but supposedly wanted to go to Maryland because he could enroll a semester early in Maryland.

Because he hasn't played a game, he can transfer anywhere without sitting out a year as long as Maryland releases him from his LOI, which they probably will. He'll be barred from going anywhere in the ACC, most likely, but he has a ton of options.

As for what it does for Maryland, well, at least one potential impact player is now gone from the defense. But David Mackall, an early enrollee from Edmonson, can fill a very similar role as a fast 'tweener pass rusher. And, if Maryland so decides that they need two, Desmond Kearse - who was going to be moved to safety - is also an option.

It hurts Maryland, of course, but it's probably not a killer, not with Mackall right behind him and Maryland standing where they are anyway.

I guess this is a little ironic, too, considering that Maryland's former recruiting momentum is completely gone and now the guy that started it is, too. Kinda sucks that way.