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Conference Expansion Gets Under Way, Maryland Still Standing Pat

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And so it begins. Colorado has accepted an invitation to the Pac-10 and will be introduced on Friday, CBS Sports reports. They're the first change of what figures to be a massive change in college athletics.

Meanwhile, Nebraska could be introduced to the Big Ten as early as Friday, if reports are to be believed. So much for that 12 month timeline, eh?

If Nebraska is officially added to the big Ten, there's a strong possibility that they'll be looking to expand to 14 or 16 teams - the general thought was that Notre Dame and Texas were the only teams big enough to make sense as a one-team expansion. But the Big Ten's plans still remain to be seen. In fact, it sounds like Nebraska is the only imminent move and that they'll expand in phases.

So no matter what the rumors indicate, it's doubtful that there are major plans for expansion in the Big Ten right now, Marlyand-related or not.

Just in case you weren't sure, though, Debbie Yow is taking the same stance on the topic she's had since Day One: it's a wasted discussion.

"No change as far as I know, " Yow said. Just lots of rumors"

"I guess I could be surprised," Yow said, "but, really, how does a founding member of the ACC leave it? Better to just be ready with our own choices if someone should leave for more money elsewhere."

Of course, it has to be said that Yow has to take this stance, no matter what her (or the school's) actual intentions are. It also needs to be said that this isn't her decision to make, but rather the President of the university (whomever it may be) and the Board of Regents. It's likely that they may have a different stance.

For what it's worth, sources still say that there's been no serious talks between Maryland and the Big Ten (or within Maryland's own administration) about switching conferences. It remains far more likely than not that Maryland will be remaining in the ACC, just as it always has been.

Whether or not that is good or bad is yet to be seen, but that seems to be the situation right now.