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Maryland Minute 5.9.10 - Malcolm Delaney, Tracy Smith Return to Loaded ACC

Smith, Delaney withdraw from NBA draft
ACC is suddenly a lot stronger. Delaney literally makes VT a top 15 team. Smith keeps N.C. State in the running to be very competitive with their incoming recruits. Like, scary competitive. ACC is going to be loaded next year. Maryland should be better than the predicted ninth place, but by how much?

IL Bracket and Analysis
The full bracket, plus "quick analysis":

This one has a little bit of other controversy as well, since a lot of folks have scoffed at Hofstra making it into the dance after they didn't make it to the CAA tournament. For Maryland, this bracket position sets them up for a potential chance for revenge in the NCAA semifinals as they could face a Syracuse team that ended their 2009 year in the NCAA quarterfinals.

Maryland in Jabari Brown's Top 10
Sweet. The cut has been made. Sorta-maybe-kinda.

Aquille Carr Stands Out at Nike Baltimore Elite Invitational
Kid is amazing.

He's 5-7, just finished grade 9, and doesn't blow you away shooting the basketball. That said, no one has been more impressive than Aquille. He's playing up with the 17's and has absolutely gone to work in the first two days of the tournament. He is lightning quick, has outstanding handles, and can flat out score the basketball. What makes Aquille special is the way he gets in the gaps and finishes at the rim. He's got outstanding body control and is a terrific finisher. Think a cross between Allen Iverson and Louis Williams.
Also, I think Naz Long is a baller. Give him a call for a 2012 PG.

First ESPN Mock, Greivis Vasquez Nowhere to Be Found
First round mock only, so it's not surprising, but still.

Wording in WaPo Patsos Post Changed
Found it interesting that the wording in Yanda's story about Patsos has changed from "expected to be announced' to "is in the running".

Dave Telep: Can't Be Too Many Better Rebounders Than DFS
Maryland's been lighting recruiting a 6-7 combo forward from the Norfolk area, Dorian Finney-Smith. Dave Telep says (via Twitter) that there "can't be too many better instinctive rebounders in the country than Dorian [Finney-]Smith." Like I what I hear.

Terps Steamroll Colgate
One easy win before the end of the year.